Saturday, June 30, 2018

Is it Hard to be NICE?

I think so. Because, in my opinion, it's not a real word. It doesn't require anything of you.

Nice is what someone says to not hurt your feelings about an outfit that doesn't look good.

Nice is how you describe a meal you didn't care for but pick at for the hostess' sake.

Nice how we think others see us.

Nice is the equivalent of today's 'fine', 'ok' and 'whatever'. It's a non-descriptive non-committed word.

I prefer words that fully describe feelings and leave no doubt. Recently, I've jumped on the word "Care" as a verb. Care is an action word. It involves someone besides yourself. You either do or you don't.

  • 1. feel concern or interest; attach importance to something: "they don't care about human life"
  • 2. look after and provide for the needs of: "he has numerous animals to care for"

On the First "Lady's" trip to show compassion for others or whatever her intention, she revealed, she may or may not care. Her husband shows again and again he does not care about everyone. The people that support him, I have hope for. If I don't have hope, I have nothing.

Citizens have allowed brazen and disgraceful behavior to become the norm in the United States. I refuse to believe it is because people don't care. I want to believe it is because of a misplaced sense of survival, they don't recognize it or know how to confront it. Perhaps people feel weakened. They may feel there is nothing to be done and no way to help others. If the mindset is to accept the flourishing corruption in our country, the demise of Democracy and rise of not caring, we are ALL in a profoundly scary place.

The bells are chiming lately to be 'civil', aka nice. The humans hearing that actually believe they ARE. Where is the disconnect?

The disconnect is because we tend to think in terms of black and white, not only in skin color, but for every issue you can name. Let's face it. It's easier that way. This is Good. They are Bad. They are all Rich. They are all Poor. The White Hat wins. The Black Hat loses. We are Smart. They are Dumb. They are the Elite. We are the Elite. We are Honest. They are Crooks. We tell the Truth. THEY are liars. We are Right. They are Wrong. We are Moral. They are Sinners. Ooh. That's a tricky one!

As divided as we have become on many issues since the never-ending campaign for this presidency, those same issues are bringing to light one glaring similarity. The statements above could be coming from the Right OR the Left. In fact, you will hear each one from both sides. Why do others not see that?

They don't care?

I listen to news channels discussing politics too much these days. It is akin to seeing a couple of Kindergartners in a sand box. They play while saying what they want. The talk doesn't have to be related to what the other is saying at all because neither child is really listening. However, an ear will perk up if one hears the word "ice cream" or "Superman". In the 'grownups' case, it's when they hear the catchwords "right" or "left". I find the demand to identify with a side fascinating!

Cities are gathering this weekend to protest America's recent disgraceful Immigration policy of separating children at the borders from their parents without a solid plan to house or return them. I'm glad for anyone showing they care. I'm sad it took this to display it.

I love Rachel Maddow and how she presents news. I wept with her reacting to small, confused and frightened immigrant children. Now, don't scream at me. I want to open a discussion also related to children. Where are the tears and protesters when children are being separated from their lives in their mother's wombs? Where are they when foster children in the system already in the country need homes and stable families...of any sexual orientation? Where are they when children are being raised with trauma disorders, merely from being a certain color in this country? Where are they when those same children are exposed to violence from their neighbors and from those hired to serve and protect?

The ones gathering at rallies to support policies displaying who we are NOT in this country should look within and at the religion they profess to be. Demonstrations of Christianity should bring others to God, not cause others to joke and sneer at Him and call you out as a hypocrite. Actions speak louder. LOVE speaks volumes! Caring is a start.

We are distracted by labels when caring for the Poor and disenfranchised should be our focus. We are stunted by our failure to communicate while sitting smackdab in the middle of the dwindling Middle-Class. Somehow we have lost our sense of what it means to be human and to care about fellow humans. The "self-made man" hears hackneyed words of "love of brothers and sisters" because they don't need anyone (pride) and anyone who needs help is weak (Ahem, Pride.) and to mention you need help is a weakness (Yo!! PRIDE!). The result is a failure to care.

No one is asking for you to reach into your wallet constantly. To be honest, the Poor seem to understand what is real in life, i.e. Faith, Love family and human dignity. The rest just have a 'nicer' house and 'better' food. The Poor learn to care from a young age, to read faces and behaviors and care about what they find. They learn to share and to survive with others. The downfall of a neighbor is their downfall. The dignity of a man is important to his family's survival. An ability to care for a child is a mother's strength. The rest, well, they have the latest smartphone.

How distracted are we to not see money does not make one virtuous nor does title and power? It doesn't even provide so-called Happiness. Seeing each person AS a person helps. No one has a patent on loving and supporting a family. Realizing we are ALL on this very fragile planet and only separated by water and ideals helps. Letting go of biased opinions and seeking to meet and understand others helps. Seeing others as we see ourselves helps. Not being an Us and a Them helps.

Nice doesn't help. Caring does.

Reboot? Review what issues and beliefs you have in common with the other "side" as a they are. What can you do to show you care?


Saturday, February 10, 2018

Russia aside...WTF?


Women. Humans.

Abuse. Insults. Predatory behavior. Chauvinism. Illegal activities. Financial 'mishaps'. Changing the rules of our Democracy. Staff leaving before it all blows on a daily basis before they can be investigated? No CIA/FBI clearance of staff members of the White House? Cover-ups? Still employed? Lies about why they are unemployed now?

The swamp is being filled with Trump and his appointees, People.

Ivanka? Anything you'd like to comment on before next Friday?

Sucarichi Reboot?  Open eyes and pay attention to news DAILY as changes and news happens. Tolerance becomes acceptance. Abnormal becomes normal. Unprecedented becomes the new norm if we don't pay attention.

Make America SANE again.

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

When In Doubt, Travel.

Sounds too simple? It is.

My husband and I just returned from a trip that was sorely needed. We had been facing an unsure America, our aging, our future needs and wants, what would be available for us that was promised by our Government but is ever-changing on a daily basis, and an unsure future under the current political atmosphere. 

We put all that behind us and planned a vacation. We had to or go insane. 

I've found that getting away from your current surroundings is like a breath of fresh air. It allows you to drift from the ordinary days to one of curiosity, excitement, a newness clearing the mind and the spirit to come back and face it all again. It doesn't matter if the trip goes awry, if your luggage is lost, if Customer Service is rude, or where you went doesn't have your kind of toilet paper! (Yes, I've heard that complaint before.)

The idea here is to let yourself be free to explore another area, nearby or far away. But it must be different than your own daily life. It doesn't have to be for long. For instance, this was a 12 day trip and we covered exactly what we wanted to and whatever else we found interesting. It wasn't necessary to spend a month looking at everything and going everywhere in Europe. We had a flexible plan. And it was great! 

The negatives weren't 'negative' enough to completely absorb us, because you must have a selective memory of the negative or you will spend every moment of your time and money being miserable! And who wants that?

So, we covered Berlin, where my daughter lives and showed us around, Amsterdam, and Prague. The pictures I took do not do these cities justice. I know you always hear that. Perhaps some of them do, as I am obsessed with doors, windows, and floors wherever I go. I love old Churches and structures. I love nightlights of cities as workers head home or out for the evening. I love quirky posters, ads, or, even stickers on windows. I am that kind of person you see taking pictures of the local food because it will always be a good reminder of the place, the atmosphere, the servers or guests we met. Their faces will come to me and I'll smile later. We talk to everyone, especially drivers who see the city and its people the most. We ask questions they are usually able to answer about themselves, if we speak a little of their languages and they speak a little of ours. Sometimes it's an hilarious exchange and we all laugh, settling on a few English words that get the meaning across.

We returned with fresh eyes on our Country to the same crazy daily news and chaos but we know the entire world is not like this, right now. We have hope that lessons will be learned from the places we've visited, good and bad. We can look at our lives and say, it's not that bad. It's not great. But it's not so bad. In short, we can deal with whatever the world throws at us. When we feel jumpy again, we'll plan something else. Fortunately, it doesn't require a lot of money, just time and flexibility.

All in all, I arrange our travels, not on guided tours, but to be free to hop a train to another city or town, to wander crooked cobbled streets to find a restaurant a driver recommended, to see and hear about the history behind a building or bridge we find. For instance, Daughter took us to Templehof Field. The entire area was an airfield for German Nazi planes just behind the buildings they used. We walked through this giant area that is now used for entertainment, sports, walks, runs, picnics, dog-walking. It's used for joyful experiences. They have completely taken its past and brought it into a peaceful future. I can appreciate it because one must take that conscious action of changing the negative to a positive to truly live. The hate must become love. The irritation must become tolerance. The frustration must become patience. Any other reaction is wasting your precious time while you are here.

It reminds me of when my older brother was around 8 years old and I was 6. We'd get on a bus just to see where it went, all the way to the end of the line to the other. We didn't tell Mom about that until we were adults or she'd have been crazy with worry. We had a 'loose' plan but left room for what? We didn't know. But, even then, I knew we'd find it when we got there. It was called an adventure.

And, that, my friends, is Life.

Sucarichi Reboot Challenge? Head out to a new neighborhood, city, a tourist place in your own city, take a bus tour like  Hop-On Hop-Off of your own city, talk to people and find the best places to eat or to get coffee, ask about the neighborhood you are in. Maybe you'll hear some history if you ask an elderly person that's been there for a long time. You'll hear more interesting stories than if you were on a tour, I'll guarantee that! Live well, have fun, learn, connect with others.

I say again. This Life is not a dress rehearsal.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Is Trump the Anti-Christ? Or only Caligula-ish?

Great! Now that I have your attention. 

I wouldn't even go here if I didn't truly believe the world doesn't revolve around me or you, but US, collectively, whatever religion, ethnicity, culture, country, status, class, sex, or any other reason we find to separate ourselves from one another. When I wake up with these thoughts on my mind, they have to be written. I felt the need to remind and inform about a few things. You may agree or not. That's our freedom.

For now.

There is no other reason besides the following to assume this particular person's actions and behaviors portend the end-times. OF COURSE, we have no idea when that will be, if you believe it, and we aren't supposed to know. We are just supposed to be ready as it comes like a thief in the night. Every era has 'predicted it' inaccurately. I don't claim to see "signs" of anything or be in the prediction business. I just know that our time is not completely known. A day can be a thousand years and a thousand years, a day. We just don't know.  

HOWEVER....Bear with me as I point out a few things and ties with Evil we haven't seen accumulate in such a short time.

Who is known as the king of LIES?
Who profits by DIVIDING humans?
Who cheers for the DESTRUCTION and DECIMATION of both the planet and its inhabitants, humankind?
Who has become the BEST at sowing discourse amongst humans not only in this country but in the World?
Who encourages HATRED of others who don't look or think like they do?
Who is breaking up FAMILIES, FRIENDS, and NEIGHBORS who don't share the same opinion of him or his 'policies'?
Who is fast becoming the voice of WARMONGERING that will lead to the END of military and civilian lives?
Who is making the idea of grabbing a woman by the P@SSY something to aspire to because you can STILL become a President if ya do?
Who is ignoring the plight of the POOR, WIDOWS, SICK, IMPRISIONED, and WOMEN, in general, and pushes the same behavior in others?
Who gets the most joy from causing CONFUSION amongst the human race in that the less facts you know, the easier you believe the crazy?

That's ten. Shall I stop here? I have more but yes, I will.

It's incredible how much confusion and ignorance is circling like vultures around the world at each word, or tweet, that comes from his mouth or tiny hands. I'm being critical. Yes. I'm being unlike my usual calmer, peaceful, loving self. Yes. Forgive me. I'll get over it in a bit. This is justified anger but not clouding my Love, as I have hope, even for him and his cronies.

Keep in mind, I'm watching the slashing of our Democracy at the hands of someone who barely reads, let alone knows anything about our Constitution and treats everything like a 7-year old laughing at a fart joke. We've all come too far to have our lives run backwards by a quarterback who only wants to make a name for himself. By the way, he is running towards the other team's goal with the ball. (Yes! A football reference! Hope it's correct.) He may, as I've also given him, be the Best Salesman in the World. But he has sold the world a bill of goods that he can't deliver. And, shouldn't.

Every day you expect something odd to come from the White House. Every day we are no longer surprised. For a while every Friday, someone was fired or arrested or resigned. Every day Trump causes some DISTRACTION so you don't notice what he is really doing. (Prestidigitation. My favorite word but not how it's used by him. It means "sleight of hand".)

Thank God for serious journalists who do their research! 

The important actions he can get away with like taking Native American/Public lands and selling to oil companies (whose pipes destroy that land with spills seen recently!), signing executive orders that will do more harm than good for anyone but him and his family and rich donors, hiring nonqualified individuals to run departments and allowing them to fire most of the staff who know what's happened (i.e. Secretary of State, Department of Education, Department of Energy who actually didn't understand his job description any more than the President did!), dealing with KNOWN adversaries for tit-for-tat financial profit and/or to pay back loans and/or  keep secret whatever that country has on him. He leads the tax cuts that will hurt more than help the ones who need it most. Under the cover of night, he and his party sneaked a healthcare issue into the bill, with over 400 page poorly made copies with illegible handwritten notes in the margins. He made a conscious effort to break down any type of Peace Talks that have existed for 70 years, tried to allow trafficking of killed innocent sentient animals in Africa, and, finally, he's been cherry-picking which immigrants he will 'tolerate' based on how much oil they have and how much he can make off the deal. Otherwise, he has no use for them. 

Basically, none of this means he's stupid, only greedy power-hungry and underhanded. He won't even send his own emails (either he doesn't know how to or they are written proof that can be used in courts, as DJTJ just found out) but he still believes he's free to tweet every thought that comes into his head. It's a ploy. His backers, donors, supporters, and Party all have a sense of it but can't put their finger on it. Nor can I. We can only deal with ourselves and trust in God and Robert Mueller, at this point. 

If my fellow Christians actually realized how off-track he is leading them from God...Well, I pray for them, too. Each time his party was in office, to get there, they made promises in order to keep the base, had opportunities to make the desired changes, and didn't. Why? It would remove the issues that divide the parties the most and then, how would they keep you separate? When the best answer to questions I ask is, "I heard...", "They say...", or "Look at (insert name here) instead." and cannot be reasonably supported, it's not a reasonable debate. Just the facts, Ma'am. Just the facts.

As with everything, and I've said it before, what we tolerate now, we accept later. And, our children and grandchildren will pay for it. 

We are becoming anesthetized to his nonsense. We laugh at the talk show hosts who point out serious problems with his thinking process, his narcissistic psychopathic nature. He can only hide so much though.  What happens in the dark eventually comes to light.

Meanwhile, I pray for Donald J. Trump and his family as I have for every President in office that one day soon, he will realize....

The Truth will set you free, Mr. President.

Sucarichi Reboot Challenge? Step away from the negativity today. Be kind to someone you may not know. Have a conversation with someone with differing ideas in your 'inside voice', logical, compassionate, and peacefully. Don't form opinions and responses until you've HEARD the other person's words. Silent and Listen have the same letters. Agree to disagree, if necessary. But don't fall into the trap of hatred and divisiveness that swallows us all these days. With understanding of what motivates others to believe what they do, we find understanding of ourselves.

We can be louder than the voices inside Donald Trump's head. (Oops. I said I'd chill. Sorry.)