Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Clean Eating Weekend...Let's Go!

I like the sound of that...Here's to new beginnings!

I'd almost forgotten that I'd promised to do a project sponsored by Takeyah @CoreConnection (see Twitter) when I received the email this morning.  God Bless her! SHE remembered.

After the Turkey, et al.  After the Birthday cake, et al.  I owe it to my body to do this one thing for it.  EAT WELL and FRESH.

Now, don't get me wrong.  Most of the time I'm buying organic, making good things and keeping away from GMO's as much as I'm aware.  But I also must confess to being the carnivore in the family.  Do not try to deny me MEAT when I need it! It isn't pretty.  However, for my health and well-being, I MUST try to do what Takeyah's suggesting....and more!

I love the idea of this weekend plan as a jumpstart to that better health I'm craving.  I have my own medical issues that may or may not complicate things but I know that it will improve, not diminish what my body needs to do daily.  She is making it easy by providing a shopping list and meal plans for the weekend.  Second confession:  I am the Master at Listmaking.  I make them and check off items and have been doing that since I was a child. 

I also love the idea that she will be available for questions, support, and to keep me on track---personally.  It's like having my own diet coach...I hate that word, die-et.  The program will be extended, of course, as it's silly to think I would start and immediately go back to bad habits.  The program is very informative regarding what we should be eating and what is, in the long-term, deadly.  There's no other way to put it.  Most of our illnesses seem to be resulting from the food that is widely available to us in grocery stores.  As it is, I rarely purchase pre-made boxed, canned or frozen prepared foods.  Frozen, in our home, only include vegetables and fruits that are out of season or not grown locally/organically.

The timing of this is perfect as I've just found an organic hydroponic grower very near my home.  I intend to visit them more often.  I actually found sorrell there! (google it!) It was delicious and required nearly NO cleaning. 

I'm excited to start yet feel guilt and sorrow that this is not available to all people.  I'm not doing this to live longer, just better while I'm here.  Many in America do not have this kind of choice and should.  Poorer areas only have what is within their neighborhoods, which includes many fast food joints and little fresh ANYthing. In a country of this size and so-called power, this is what we face.  Medical issues like diabetes, obesity, cancers, and cardiac problems are rampant and no one has made the connection?

As stated in a previous blog, our government hasn't even cared enough about us to label the genetically-modified foods like Europe does.  They don't because then many of the illnesses could be traced back to the manufacturers and growers and there is a tremendous amount of money being circulated to keep that wheel turning.

Well, they'd better watch out.  If and when I get right and fit, I'm taking them on with both fists.  How, you say?  I don't think a single letter to my Congressman will do it at this point.  There's going to be a movement along with leaders like @DavidWolfe, @OrganicLiveFood and @RogerBezanis and everyone contributing on Twitter and Facebook.  I'm sure something can be done.  This is about the food we and our children ingest!  That's more than a little important, in my opinion.

Wow.  Did I just get off the mark a little?  Well, that's how my mind works.  I'm used to it.

Feel free to check back with me on the progress, if you like!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Bird's NOT the Word?????

It still amazes me that there are people who don't like turkey. 

Why? What did Tom ever do to you?

Ah!  I bet it was Aunt Josie's dry bird that turned you off!

Or was it the time Uncle David didn't clean it and left the insides all nicely wrapped in paper inside. Ew.

OK...I'm with ya!

Truly, I think everyone loves the sides and desserts more than anything else.  Being raised in an African-American family, I know that everyone thinks their 'dressing' or whatever, is the best, even if we all know our Grandma's was the best. I was almost run out of town the year I tried putting apples in the dressing.  We don't speak of that anymore.

Everyone has favorites passed down through tradition and I think it's wonderful!  Eat. Pray. Love.  No. It's Pray, eat, sleep, eat again. Try to avoid the cops having to be called.

Thanksgiving is the schizo holiday that comes before the multiple-personality of Christmas.  And, I'm rather alright with that.  It's like a rehearsal dinner for 4 weeks later of Opening Night. 

On the 'real deal' we dress up a little more, put a little more care into decorating, get excited about seeing the relatives that didn't bother to or couldn't come to the 'rehearsal', and put everyone, including ourselves, on our best behavior.  I think it's great.  I think we NEED that rehearsal. 

We need to break out the pots and pans, make arrangements, and actually sit at the table instead of in front of the television.  Dessert, however, is allowed on both occasions in front of the t.v. due to football.   We get to hand down recipes and techniques to the next generation.  We get to instill the traditions of our families or start some.  It's lovely.

Then, why am I so stressed I could just crawl back into bed and STAY THERE???

This is the first...the FIRST...year that I'm not handling the turkey, macaroni and cheese, dressing, greens, ham, escalloped pineapple, mashed potatoes, SWEET potatoes, rolls, pies, and whatever new something I'd decide to try!  Then I'd rinse, wait 4 weeks, and repeat.

I have a lovely cousin in town who loves to cook.  Thank GOD, because we invited some friends without family over, as well. She offered to handle ALL the sides, and I would provide the meats, and my mother (who doesn't cook!) wanted to provide the desserts.  Fine.  All worked out.  Until last Monday when I injured my knee. 

No. No.  Don't feel sorry for me.  I feel it was my own fault.  What's that?  You didn't feel sorry.  Fine.

Everyone is being so great about it all.  Cousin's still doing her part, Hubby ordered (ordered!) a turkey and bought a cooked ham (forgive me, Grandma!), and I get to, maybe, heat the rolls up.  God bless them all!

Hubby grounded me like Denzel in "Flight". I'm not allowed to do ANYTHING until after I see the Ortho Doc. I, literally, don't know what to do with myself. It's touching how much he cares but he has NO idea what this is doing to my psyche!

Therefore, if you see a little more of me on Twitter and Facebook and HERE...this is why.  The fingers still work!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone and have a wonderfully blessed day!  Oh....and Happy Birthday to Me. (Pitiful Sigh) LOL

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

I Voted for President Obama Because....

he's black. 

And, not because he's black (Well, half).  Confused yet?  I was for a long while.

A friend posted this on FB and I have to share it here...

"Because He's Black (author unknown):

A white man asked his black friend, 'Are you voting for Barack Obama just because he's black?' The black man responded by saying, 'Why not? Hell, in this country men are pulled over everyday just because they're black; Passed over for promotions just because they're black; Considered to be criminals just because they're black; Thousands of you won't be voting for him just because he's Black! However, you do not seem to have a problem with that! This country was built with the sweat and whip off the black slaves' back. And now a black man has a chance to lead the same country, where we weren't even considered to be people, where we weren't allowed to be educated, drink from the same water fountains, eat in the same restaurants, or even vote.

So YES! I'm going to vote for him! But it's not just because he's Black, but because through his leadership several of Americas elusive enemies were brought to justice; several of our citizens rescued from peril; our economy, health and environment improved; and our good reputation around the world has been restored. He is hope. He is change. He is wise. He is a man of integrity and intelligence. He is a man of faith and perseverance. He is a man of maturity and good judgment. He is a faithful husband and father.

And he now allows me to understand when my grandchildren say they want to be President when they grow up, it is not a fairy tale but a short term goal. They now see, understand, and know that they can achieve, withstand, and do ANYTHING just because they're black."

And, again, I only post this today because I have a Cuban/Scotch/Irish husband who remembers being a child pulled away from a water fountain that was for Coloreds ONLY.  There should be no white-guilt or black-anger anymore just because of the amount of, or lack of, melanin in a person's skin.  We live this daily.  We also live without asking, "What's in it for me?" as many are questioning this election.  We need to ask ourselves what's in it for the long-term of this country, of the world, of our childrens' futures.  Most of all, we need to remember that, yes, there was a time when there was NO country to vote, not all men COULD vote, and, as women we were not allowed to vote.  To not show up is an insult to all who fought and are still fighting to maintain the privilege we have here.  Yet my husband spoke to many yesterday who said they were not going to the polls.  I say, then I'm not listening to those subjects' complaints about the results, whatever they may be, or of anything that happens afterwards.

Obviously, as a practicing Catholic, I have my reasons for not agreeing with the direction the country is headed under any Democratic Administration.  Many prayers for guidance went up before I entered my polling place. However, the main issues, promised to be 'resolved' by every candidate since Roe v. Wade, has not been and will never be. Both parties LOVE hot topics that don't make them DO anything. 

I maintain, in opposition to many of my Christian brothers and sisters, that Grassroots education is needed with prayers to show women that we don't need harmful, cancer-causing, hormone-manipulating drugs to avoid creating Life and many, who've been led to believe they can't conceive, don't need artificial means TO create Life. And it's free!  (Please see  We spend more time fighting for overpriced organic tomatoes to stay healthy, for Pete's sake!

Bottom line? We need only to be able to form the words, "not today" or "now", depending on your goal.  We, generally, do have that much control over our bodies but have handed it over to courts and 'lawmakers' and everyone except ourselves.  Unfortunately, we're teaching the next generation the same non-responsibility, disrespect for life, and to blame others for getting in the way of our 'choices'.  As long as the artificial means is available, we don't have to make decisions, we don't have to be more selective, we don't have to wait or turn down a man. Now, is that a sign of maturity and readiness for intimacy? With the status quo, who profits besides immature unattached men, pharmacies, and insurance companies?

That's all on that subject, as I know there'll be plenty of backlash on that alone.  Bring it.  I have my reasons for believing what I do.  I know the history and origins.  I know my Faith, Bible, and Tradition.  And I know what is being done to undermine women by distracting us with what really doesn't have to be an issue for us but is used to keep men from being involved in the process by agreeing to, "OK, not today." and to sell us on drugs and procedures to which we should never expose our bodies, all for financial gain.

Alright, one last thing.  The pain and suffering that results from choosing to end a pregnancy, I can't even imagine.  But, there is help for women and men through or call AfterCare-Healing at 1-888-456-4673 (HOPE) for healing.
So...Let's start there and meanwhile, save unborn and existing children who need housing, food, education, clean water, healthcare, to be safe and have less-stressed, educated, skilled and employed loving parents.  Whoever 'wins' the election needs to concentrate the efforts there with no more empty promises.  And, we should all be taking names of those politicians that stand in the way of progression within those topics.  Next go-around, they will NOT be employed by us, the American People......their bosses.