Monday, November 14, 2016

Been There, Done That!

Imagine if he'd lost.

The thought occurred to me on the way to Mass. It would be so much worse for everyone. Stay with me now....

That fired-up population that supported Trump was being stoked into a frenzy of hatred, insults, all based on fear. Knowing they will soon become a minority in this country frightened them silly! It was predicted many years ago that the Hispanic population would grow at a considerable rate in the United States. Guess some of them had the book "MegaTrends" read to them. Sorry. I mean the rumor got around. Hence, the Great Wall of Trump.

Many rumors got around. When President Obama was elected, there were rumors he would become a dictator and have white people picking cotton. They were only off by 8 years. KIDDING! I will respect the Office of the Presidency. I will pray for the man that occupies the office. I will pray for his soul that seemed so disgustingly, dare I say, evil?, to be changed by God's grace. I've handed the reins over to God, which is what needed to happen for my own peace.

For the United States to have any semblance of Peace, this all needed to happen in just the way it did. The pseudo-manners needed to be seen for what it was. The fear, anger, hurt, and offenses needed to be heard on both sides if only to realize there are those feelings existing on all sides of humanity. I have plenty of theories about what will occur next but they mean nothing in the face of what he's promised.

It's, to use a weak term, unfortunate, that voters will find none of the promises kept, that they will lose more money, insurance, have more taxes to pay, and, sorry, no wall will be built. At least a physical one will not be built. IF the citizens of this country continue to be divided since Trump stirred the pot, we will all lose. Many cannot see that yet. Trust me, I hope I'm wrong. Still, all signs point to the egotist and what he can gain from where he is now.

He's currently stating that he doesn't want to live in the White House all the time but in his NYC penthouse apartment. So the King can look down upon the rest of the World as he's always envisioned? That's what he's concerned about now. Amongst all the work he'll need to hit the ground running to do, his penthouse and businesses are on his mind? OK. Those in his camp hint he didn't get the full job description before beginning this wild ride. I believe that. I say his party wanted anyone from the party to be there. I wish them luck controlling his impulsive, compulsive nature. Voters will find that much of what he proposed doing is not Constitutional, irrational, and, certainly, not under the description of President.

They may be very disappointed, in other words.

Me and people like me? We've been through so much in this country that this will be a cakewalk. That's why I encourage others not to lose their minds over this, try to soothe the angry rhetoric, and calm souls whenever I'm able. I do this only after I've checked my own feelings, of course. It's a struggle. But, this is just another bump on the American Road. We are the toddler of the World and were just given a loaded pistol.

For those too young to know or those who haven't studied U.S. History, we've been here before and survived with less. The young people protesting in the streets of all races and sexual orientations, my heart goes out to them. I realize they are hurting and want to get it all out of them. The emotions are running high. We mustn't let the emotions sap up all of our time and energy, though. Petitions will not remove Trump nor will it make Clinton president. A biggie would have to happen before the inauguration in January. So far he's done everything short of burn down an orphanage on Christmas Eve and still has support. Despite the conspiracy theories and dissatisfaction with the Election process, there is a Democratic process that was followed and must continue to be respected or we are all sunk. It's the rubber band holding this country together, these days.

Everyone has an issue that they thought would be resolved by whoever they voted for. That's not how it works. For instance, abortion is legal, with conditions in several States. Both parties have had their chance in office over the years and neither has actually done anything about it, for OR against. The reason they ignore it once elected is because it is a 'hot' issue that secures their base for their party. That's all. No one will ever change it. Google "stare decisis et quieta non movere". It is Latin and means to stand by and adhere to decisions and not disturb what is settled." Good luck finding a Supreme Court Justice of any belief that will mess with it. We can't agree on anything, let alone something as important as that law. This is the reason I disagreed with the American Roman Catholic Churches and their stances which were obviously against what Pope Francis could clearly see yet all Christians could not.

Anyway, there are many other issues to consider that won't necessarily be pointed at as moral ones, unless we are speaking about our planet's health, the benefits to elderly and disabled, giving helping hands to those who need it, not splitting up families and more. It makes us look like we are not as loving and charitable as I know we can be.

Meanwhile, I've had good friends for years that thought differently and could not discern why I could not endorse the man. These are truly good people with kind hearts. Every question was met with what sound like Trump's voice. No one was thinking for themselves or about others, at all. It pained me with all that was said and done against people who look like me, against women in general, they could still say he was the better candidate. They couldn't see. It made me question if they've ever really seen 'me'.  Are they among those who've sold their souls to the Devil for money or the promise of more money? Do they really not see the negativity brought out in others by him? Did they not see the darkness in the eyes at rallies, the physical attacks on others, the lack of reason and love? It made me question so much it shook my faith in man...a little. It did confirm that there is a faction feeling they must make others feel poorly in order to make themselves feel worthy. That is sad...But!....

Hey, still me over here. Will always be. This uniform I wear, this colorful outer shell, is decorative, yes. It is the first thing others see about me. But, it can cause fear, hatred, and breaks down communication. It makes others believe I lack intelligence, skills, or experience. It makes others think of me as 'less than'...less than human, not kind or loving to others and without a loving family. Still, some want to touch it. Some want to own it. They wonder if it comes off, if it's soft or rough, if they will like it or not. Not if they'll like ME or not.  I think that's the true fear. They might like it...and me. Then they have a real dilemma. They will care. Egads!

You think it's not easy being green? Try being brown in the USA. The country's mask was ripped off and shocked itself and the World. Thank you, Mr. Trump. It is a good thing you did, even if you don't realize it.

Reboot Challenge? No more 'tolerate' other races, seek to understand. No "agree to disagree", have the discussion not a fight. Love your enemy and everyone else, too!