Sunday, November 15, 2015

How to Deal with Cowards

Yes. ONE more discussion about the terrorist attacks in Paris, France.

Regular readers had to know I wasn't just going to let it go by, although, I actually wanted to do just that. I just can't speak in the heavier way I would love to here, right now. There may come a time only not today.

Thinking of the attack on Paris this week recalled 9/11 in the U.S. and France being our best of Allies. And I thank them and the World for their response. People are using this as an excuse for personal agendas as in, "Why are we so worried about Paris and not (fill in the blank)?" I find that puzzling because of how the World came together for the US that fateful day when it was attacked by Cowards. To support with changing profile pictures with France was, literally, the least we could do.

I recalled Souls lost in jets blasted out the air, the lost Malaysian jet, and more by Cowards. It reminded me there are people, children, living in fear for their lives daily due to wars and active terrorism by Cowards. It reminded me of children who get little to no food in parts of Africa and are eating GRASS and muddy water because Aid trucks are hijacked by Cowards. It reminded me of Christians in Israel and the brave and faithful Franciscan Priests, Brothers, Sisters, and Parishioners who continue to protect and maintain Holy Churches and sites, even if people come to them just because they are "old". Their numbers are decreasing due to intentional destructions and persecution of Christians by Cowards. I think too much of the Poor of India, in fact, throughout Asia, Latin America and on islands split like Dominican Republic and Haiti, where one side has so much and one side has so very little to nothing because of Cowards. I think of women and children and elderly who are beaten and neglected everywhere by Cowards. If I see one more incident of a death of an innocent due to the evil that is surrounding us whispering in Cowards' ears, sometimes, I think I'll just lose it.

But, I know I won't.

I recognize that Cowards work under Darkness, even if it's not a physical absence of light, it could be any chink in the armor that allows it to operate. Cowards will don a hood, a scarf, a hat, a mask, and take that chance and run with it. Any attempts to harm at a vulnerable point without warning, undercover, because you are bigger, or sneaky makes you a Coward. Call yourself a terrorist because, true, you do cause terror on every scale. Why would someone 'want' to be known for that? It's so twisted in my opinion. But there's more to it.

We are bombarded by an evil we can't subdue without a lot of help and a lot of action on our parts. Now that I've made your day again. Let's get justifiably angry enough to do something about it and not just on Blogs, Twitter, Facebook, and Yahoo comment sections. Social Network Sites (SNS) have allowed the World so say all they want no matter who it hurts or offends.

Oops. I may have lost folks to another website just then. I mentioned doing something.

At times like this, those pitiful people I pray for, take opportunities to spew even more hatred and violence, whatever their politics, color or race or nationality or religion. They are able to turn any tragedy to their own agenda, too, on the sites mentioned above and more. I've seen the Paris tragedy tweets where people begin spitting out nonsense against blacks, immigrants from Mexico, Muslims and anything else they think they're doing anonymously. That's cowardly.

The violent attacks on us all are cowardly or it would be done in broad daylight and in a way that one could fight back. THAT is manly. The other ways are less than admirable, idiotic, and weak.

So what can we do? We can start growing the spine they don't have and grow in whatever Faith we profess to be. We can go to our Churches, Synagogues, or Temples. We can read our Bibles, our Hebrew texts, Korans or go to a library and LEARN what you profess to be and why you are that and how to handle these situations in the most peaceful and productive ways we can. Take responsibility for ourselves and we can take up the Cause of Peace and Love and promote it to every single Soul we know and meet. We can show our courage by STOPPING and reconsidering immediate reactions and think, not post. We can and do fight back but not in the Coward's way. We can know when is the right time and when is the wrong time to speak hateful remarks amongst others or that negative inner dialogue we have that can usually be expressed incognito online. (That was a test.....there is NEVER a right time for that!)

Yes. It takes work. We must talk with one another, learn from one another, and live with one another in Peace. I'm not saying yell on a street corner trying to convert others or knock on doors but work on yourself first. It's private and communal. You calm down and find ways to face the Cowards of the World that are trying to destroy goodness, kindness, peace, charity and love. We all know Right from Wrong from childhood (yes, even Atheists and Agnostics) but we have a hard time admitting it to our 'peers' who don't think it's cool to even make the distinction. They say live and let live.

That's gotten us to a lovely place now hasn't it? We are responsible for one another whether you want to admit it or not. Take responsibility for your brother to show him the right way after you, yourself, are clear about it.

The Cowards will make their own beds if they don't want to take the hint. No progress? You've planted the seed. Now, shake the dust from your sandals. The Cowards will be dealt with in time, in fact....for Eternity.

Reboot Challenge? Gather your own personal Courage for you, your families, your neighborhood, your Countries, and your World. Do it without fear that you are alone. You are not.

(Dedicated to all who have fought and died, who have been victims or victors in the fights against Cowards.)

Friday, November 6, 2015

This Woman's Hands

In quiet restful moments, he'll tell you his Grandmother had lovely hands.

He likes to tell the stories.  He loves to remember with every sense.

He can still feel her comforting hands on his back as a child. He says they were strong, yet soft. They worked and worked hard, yet were soft and soothing to his mind, heart, and spirit when he needed them.

They took away pain and calmed.

They made the best pancakes, root beer floats, and cakes in the World! They kept a tidy, tightly run ship of a house. They knew how to set a table properly and to Serve in more ways than one. They played piano and organ. They painted. They helped him with his homework afterschool. They held books, especially a Bible, often.

Her hands, as he recalls them, are remembrances of feeling love and being loved. He sighs, gratefully, without needing words to express it further. At these times, as a grown man, he is as content as a well-fed infant after a bath.

That little boy's feelings and his memories are stored carefully away. They come out at precious times. They are special and I feel that much more special and smile. Why?

Because of the times he closes his eyes, breathes deeply and tells me I have his Grandmother's hands.

Reboot Challenge: Mine? To try something a little different today. What's yours?