Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Trump Wives Matter!

That's a bad one. He won more States. Trump may be the official representative candidate for the Republican Party for the most powerful office in the US. The Presidency.

Seriously, America?

I don't usually get into politics in my blogs but this one pushed my buttons so hard, it would hurt to NOT comment. I'll begin by saying I can't get behind any of the candidates of either party. It doesn't mean I won't vote. That's a civic duty we all have and have no right to complain if we don't.

There will always be differences of opinion amongst humans. There will always be conflicts. I'm not looking forward to how badly situations will get in this country now that the Reality Show, bankrupt businessman with a racist, misogynistic, cruel view of the world makes his way to the final lap of running for President of the United States.

He said he LOVES the poorly educated.....and they CHEERED!

He said he'll build a YUGE wall to keep foreigners out (aka Mexicans) and they cheered and no one asked who will pay for The Great Wall of America. Who will do the 'distasteful' jobs they do? As someone pointed out, if there were no immigrants, Trump would never have been married. Ooh. That came out wrong. Oh, well.

He said his daughter has a great body and if she wasn't his daughter, he'd date her. Uh. Ew.

Has our World become so lacking in awareness of right and wrong, we don't see through him?

He has made a mockery of the US and our democracy and it's starting to piss me off!

We may not have been perfect, ever, but, in my opinion from reading our History, we've never been faced with the mere possibility of having such a person in the highest office in the land making decisions. Our President should represent our country with a modicum of class, at least.

Trump has shown his behind several times to his supporters and the World has been watching him lead them to destruction. There is no way you can attack, dismiss others, yell hateful comments, and follow someone who is so consistently boastful, rude, vain, unqualified, and prone to lying, and still be able to sleep at night. Surely, a conscience will bring this matter up at some point to your brain and you'll wake saying, "What did I just do, Lord?".

Sure. We didn't have a great choice of nominees on either side. As my husband says, you just pick your favorite crook. But, People, come ON! Is it that you think he'll give you more money in your pocket? Share his? Not gonna happen. Do you think he's gonna keep those awful Muslims (ALL of them) out of the country to keep you safe? Not gonna happen. PLUS keep in mind he's saying ALL, not terrorists. We have terrorists right here that are US-born, native unstables we need to identify and to help. Those poor souls have shot up schools, businesses, government offices and for some reason, we still haven't called them what they are....terrorists. Are we ashamed and only want to point out one group as a problem?

There are troubled Souls all over the planet willing to take others with them for however they believe they've been wronged or for what they believe. Waco, Guyana, and Oklahoma are coming to mind right now. Those were not Muslims.

Trump is a fear-monger and carrying along those who are buying his Carnival act. He might as well be trying to get you to shoot down the spinning ducks with a crooked rifle for money, or in this case, your brain and your votes. Ask any of his followers why they support him. You will receive the same rhetoric he spews on any stage...or a struggle for an answer. "He'll make America great again!" Really? Think about it. Please think about it. Is America truly only for a few or as our Constitution states for all men, created equally. Testing knowledge of Constitution, Constitutional Laws and U.S. History, Foreign Policy and U.S. Economy, most can't even nail down when the country WAS great last. During the 1800's? 1900's? Now? When, in your opinion? Before the English arrived and Native Americans had no wall to stop them? Yeah. I went there.

(Whispering now) Has anyone considered he knows he won't win but will walk away with a pile of money and options for books, speeches and more riches? That is the businessman side of this fable. Maybe that is his actual goal. You still won't get any of the money. (You can't see but I'm shaking my head.)

Anyone who supports, increases, and pushes hatred in an ignorant, fearful, needy population, who even his own party recognizes as unqualified, lacking self-control, and is undesired, I have a little advice. Ya kinda wanna stay away from that brand of evil. I've seen the videos and photos of those at his rallies and the darkness in their eyes and distorted facial features. Its frightening. Anyone who's buying his schtick, I pray for as my Brothers and Sisters. Jesus is all about Love and wants peace for us. This man appears to have no idea what either of those words means.

Sigh. Abraham Lincoln said, and he was a Republican when it wasn't bad to be one:

"You can fool all of the people some of the time,
and some of the people all of the time,
but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time."

I think Mr. Trump is testing that theory. Hm?


  1. As a Canadian I have been mesmerized by this election. My main concern with trump is his vindictive nature. If he believes that anyone has slighted him in the least he reacts by lashing out without thinking. While this may be just fodder for the media and late night comedians it
    scares the heck out of me!
    I can imagine, if Putin, Kim Jong un or any other foreign leader who won't back down insults him or disagrees with him, the results could be catastrophic.
    I love my country and all the Canadian people. I fear for all our safety if America elects a man who seems to be incapable of empathy for his fellow human beings.

    1. @Truecanadian - I shiver to think someone like him would have his finger on 'the' button. But don't worry. The larger number of reasonable heads of US humans will prevail. We must have faith in that. Be not afraid. Thank you for commenting. (p.s. We loved vacay in Canada, even in January!)

  2. What if he does not get elected? What are all those mindless (and I call them that because one hopes that anyone in his right mind would not follow him) yes, mindless people going to do then? I fear he will goad them into attacking anyone and everyone and rioting.
    And what would happen if he does get elected? How will he control those people when the "WALL" is not built, since it is impossible to build? He has so whipped them into a frenzy, I don't think he will be able to handle them. What will he do, as they burn down cities, and kill just anyone as we have seen it happen already?
    This is a very dark time for our country. And the Republicans have led us to this point, and have lost control.
    I voted Republican for George W twice, and was so afraid for our country during the 2nd four years as I recognized more and more things becoming like Hitler's Germany. I could not continue to vote Republican, and I started voicing my thoughts to those around me. Aside from some already Democrat friends, most Republican friends told me I didn't know what I was talking about, and laughed it off. I worry for my grandchildren. What kind of a country will they have to deal with? Now many of those fears are coming true.
    I hope you are right when you say this country will stand up and not elect Trump. I hope and pray this nation will take a few steps back and rethink the process of what got us here, before we lose the goodness of what we have in this world.

    1. HI, HOlly! Very well put! We must trust that cooler, saner, more thoughtful heads will realize they were duped WHEN he doesn't win, and move on with whoever does become President. I may have not been a GW fan but I respected him in the office, as we all should. The sitting President should be the calm and reasonable head of the country that will urge others to regain 'their' heads. I'd vote for a banana before considering voting for Trump. Makes you wonder why those people don't see it, doesn't it? The mob mentality he's conjured up with Trump supporters should eventually calm down, except for the few that believe they still have permission to 'misbehave'. Trump is giving them permission, as we've seen in his own speeches. He's on the immature side and playing to those who don't know better. Republican, Democrat, or Independent, foresight is needed in this kind of situation. You pointed that out well! Thanks for commenting and have a greatly blessed weekend!


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