Thursday, March 29, 2012

Are You Hungry? Pink Slime, Anyone?

Or thirsty?

Pink slime in the burgers and beetle extract in the strawberry drinks.  Sounds delish, doesn't it?

So far this week we have learned that there are some unbelievable "supplemental" additives in our food that we purchase at our local grocery store and Starbucks. 

Apparently, Starbucks resorted to using beetle extract to avoid using artificial coloring in their Strawberries & Crème Frappuccino and strawberry smoothies.  I won't even go into the area of Fair Trade of which no barista I've spoken to is even aware. 

For a while, now without our knowledge, the ground beef in the stores and restaurants have been 'bumped up' with pink slime or lean, finely-textured meat, as they call it.  True, many grocers (and McDonalds) have pulled the items from their supply but, really?  REALLY??? 

We not only have to deal with the Genetically Modified/Bio-tech foods that they don't have to tell us about, but now this.  I wish that I could say our government is protecting us and our children from eating foods that will make us immune to antibiotics, grow tumors, cause allergies, and KILL US, but I can't.

The FDA is packed with people who were on the board for the main culprit, Monsanto.  Even Clarence Thomas, Supreme Court Justice, worked as legal for them years ago.  The USDA is the same.  In case, you were not aware, the company is the one that created Roundup, to kill weeds.  Then created an insecticide-resistant soy bean...resistant to all but Roundup.  They patented the seed, and many others, as well, like corn, wheat, and canola.  Therefore, a farmer is no longer able to use or REUSE his own seeds to farm or he will be violating a patent, be sued, and, sometimes literally, lose the farm.  We watched a documentary called "The Future of Food" and other investigations into this matter that show farms being sued because Monsanto came and took samples indicating the patented seed was in the farmers' crops.  How do you keep pollen out?  Visits by insects or a breeze can contaminate acres.  They did not intentionally plant it but it was there and that's all that mattered to the courts.

Our government has determined that there is no responsibility to tell us that our food has some GMO product in it.  There is no responsibility to advise us of it at all.  Know why?  Because if it said it was there,  in writing, and someone had a reaction to it, became ill, etc. it could be traced back to that food and, therefore, that company.   

We were supposed to be convinced that fooling around with the genes of live plants would save starving Third World countries.  It has not. They've done this in some of the poorest areas of the world and put local farmers out of business which is why they are even more destitute.

What is the next step? They have already patented a breast cancer.  The feed they give animals are patented.  Does that make whatever the animal becomes part of that patent?  Then, we eat the animal product or plant.  I suppose they could patent human life at some point?  Scary, isn't it?  It's like a Sci-fi/horror movie where you may not be able to reproduce without the Corporation's agreement.  Then they 'own' what is born.  (Shiver!)

I wish the U.S. had gone the way of European countries in rejecting this monstrous creation. I found this on

The European Union guarantees the traceability and labelling of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and products produced from these organisms throughout the food chain. Traceability of GMOs allows the monitoring and checking of information given on labels, the monitoring of effects on the environment and the withdrawal of products from the market in cases where new scientific data demonstrate that the GMOs used in the product present an environmental or health risk.

GUARANTEES IT!  Gee, it sounds like they actually care about their citizens. What is wrong with the U.S.?  This brings to mind so many questions of ethics in science.  AGAIN.  Where should you draw the line?  When do you realize you are sacrificing lives due to greed and avarice...and STOP?

Wondering yet what is safe to eat?  Well, our house is focusing on organic and local farms.  Most of the food hasn't travelled so far that it's lost its nutrients.  You can talk to the person that actually grew it.  You can ask questions.  I'm the carnivore in the family, so I seek out grass-fed safe beef and chicken.  You do know that cows eat grass not corn, didn't you?  But corn is cheaper.  Also, although, I once killed a cactus, I'm looking into starting a small garden in pots.  My husband talked me out of the chickens, for eggs.  I'm sort of glad he did.  Ew.

The bottom line is---find out all you can about what you place in your mouth--in your children's mouths.  Read the labels.  High fructose corn syrup is one of the villainous products to watch for.  (By the way, all the food in the aisles will soon be manufactured under 4-6 large corporations under all the different brands.  But that's another post for another rant.)  Personally, my eyes were opened when I read a cracker label that indicated it contained canola, cottonseed, AND/OR soybean oil.  If they don't know then....

That, of course, is a legal way of getting around any illness that may result from eating it.  I've been wondering for years now, why more children are asthmatic these days, what is with the ADD/ADHD diagnosis increase, childhood cancers, diabetes, and the obesity rates.  Wish I'd gone deeper into the science field. This would be a thorn in my side until I figured out.  For now, all we can do is be careful and watch.

So, I hope this has urged you to not just accept whatever is in the grocery aisles as good for you because it may taste good and, certainly, not just because the box says so.  There is more, much more, at stake here.

Sigh! These are the times I envy Adam and know, before they screwed everything up.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Whatever Happened to Class?

Yes.  Those of you that follow Broadway theater will recognize that song from "Chicago". 

But, seriously, what DID happen to it?  When did "my bad" replace "I'm sorry" or "Forgive me"?  When did a shove shove "Excuse me" out of the way?

I get a special little nonsensical thrill whenever I hear a child say, 'please' or 'thank you', these days, and I reward them by acknowledging it.  I've almost given up on the adults. 

When did we stop being NICE to each other?  I recall the 'Love thy neighbor' part.  I try to do it everyday.  (Watch it!)

Yes.  I am the woman in the doctor's office who tells your child to either pull her pants up or her shirt down to avoid showing her crack to the waiting room.  I am that irritating woman who pulls up next to your teenager and says, "I love you too much to not tell you to put that phone down while you are driving." and your kid thanked me.  I, luckily, am the one who gave your children a ride home from the 7-11 after seeing them almost run down by cars on a busy highway.  Since they were 9, 5, and 3 and sent to the store by your 15 year old son, I figured you wouldn't mind.  I told him so, too, when I got them there, safely. Sue me.

I take risks in life, obviously.  One day, somebody MIGHT sue me.  Doubt it.  I act out of love and caring for my fellow human beings.  We're what we have down here.  We might as well act, well, humanely, toward one another.  I might just have to say something the next time I catch a young lady stabbing her food in a restaurant like it's the first time she's held a knife and fork, though, or propping her bare feet up on a dashboard or out a car window.  THOSE are major pet peeves of mine.

But, I have faith in young people.  They want to know better and to do better.  Sometimes, there is no one available to guide them.  Teachers can't do it all, people, and I sure can't, and things definitely cannot.  Let's help them out when we are able to in a kind and loving way and see what happens. 

We may have a next generation of adults that care.  They may be able to think and to express themselves in healthy ways.  They may be able to act, dress, and behave appropriately, in public with confidence.  Then, dare I say it? They will be knowledgeable and conscientious voters, with good work ethics, and pride in what they accomplish individually or together in their communities.

O.K. Where was I going with this?  I'm not looking for a pat on the back.  It seems like I've been doing all the chatting so I'd love to know if or how young people are getting the help they need out there.  Feel free to leave a comment.  People need ideas.  List the organizations.  Tell me your experience.  Tell me YOUR pet peeve.  If you think I'm wrong, tell me why.  I just know I'm not alone out here with these thoughts.

Meanwhile, I'll keep up the prayers for the youngsters and for all who are kind enough to drop in to read my ravings.  Thanks and have a truly blessed week!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Reboot is now including SIMPLIFYING Life

Time for the early Sunday morning rant!

Has anyone actually thought about how much money you spend in a month? I hope it's constant knowledge in order to KEEP order in your personal household. 

Seriously.  This is not going to be one of those BUDGET BUDGET SAVE YOUR MONEY discussions.  I'm HARDLY the one to have that kind of talk.  I had a revelation about what the industries have been pushing us to believe we can't live without and how much money is spent on it daily, monthly, and yearly.  It's money that could go in our own pockets, into our savings, for our retirement, for our kids' futures, towards eliminating debt!  Yet we think it's reasonable and necessary to give it to someone else. challenged her readers to avoid spending for just the month of February and I noted joyful tweets of savings of up to $956.00! I was ecstatic FOR them!  Could that be done in YOUR life?

Let's get out a pen and paper....Yes, I said a pen and paper, not the computer or your Iphone.  It's necessary psychologically for you to actually write it down and see it and make it real.  Later you can review and make your own determination of how you want your money and your life to be spent.

Answer these questions as honestly as possible.  This means you may have to retrieve the actual bills, which are, hopefully, all in one place anyway, and reach deep into your subconcious to pull out the numbers.

How much do you spend per month on a cell phone?  More than one phone?  (write it down) 
Do you also have a house phone? How much is it and does it have unlimited calling? (write it down)
How many times per month do you have your hair styled?  Your childrens'? (write the cost down, plus tip!)
How many times per month do you have the mani/pedi done? How much does it cost you? (Plus tipping!)
How many times per month do you shop for clothing, accessories, etc.?  How much do you spend? (write it!)
How many times to you go to the grocery store each week? Average amount spent? (multiply x4 and write it down)
How many times do you eat out in a week? Average amount spent? (multiply x4 and write it down)

Are we being honest today? PAINFULLY honest?  Then let's continue.

How much do you spend to watch television? Satellite? Cable, TIVO, whatever? Pay per view films? (write it)
Do you have a car payment?  On more than one vehicle? (write it--now I've gotten into my sing-song voice)
Paying for the computer internet service/WIFI, etc to read this right now?  How much? (write it down)
Going to the movies a lot in a month?  Matinees or evenings? How much in a month?  (write it)
Making an addiction-run into the drug store to 'browse' or into the beauty supply store? (write it down)
Do you always have to be the first to have the lastest, greatest, fastest, smallest, biggest just advertised toy?

I'll stop here.  These are mostly just the things that amuse you, make you feel better about how you look to others, or to seem busy, or worse, actually MAKE you busier than you need to be!  And we wonder why we are always playing 'catch-up' with our finances?

Remember when someone called and we couldn't answer....they'd call again.  Move it up some years. Let's say they called and could leave a message.  We didn't feel the need to have any discussions in the car besides with the other person riding WITH us.  You called people BACK.  I understand a child's need these days to have a phone to communicate with parents.  I think it's great that it's available and would have saved me many gray hairs raising my daughter back in the day.  However, do they REALLY need to make the calls and texts/sexts that they do?  In my opinion, sorry kids, but the simplest, LEAST expensive prepaid plan would do for them.  Ten bucks and done!

There's is a reason you have a kitchen to cook in.     It's there to care for yourself or make family dinners instead of the garbage served by drive-thrus.  And if you saw the kitchens in most restaurants you'd triple the prayer you say before eating it!

I'm not trying to call anybody out here.  I want us all to think about where our hard-earned money is going.  Is it working for us or are we rewarding ourselves with 'stuff' and 'activities' that aren't necessarily necessary to feed some other need in us or out of boredom? 

This is coming from a not so smart decision to have a 'smart' phone.  I realized that I had access to Wonderful World of the World Wide Web through my husband's desktop, my laptop, through the WII system on the tv, and on my phone!  For what reason would I need THAT much access to games, movies and YouTube videos!  Do I REALLY need to advise everyone on Twitter and Facebook what I'm thinking at that exact moment?  Am I that full of myself? Hope not. I'm returning my cell to simply minutes again with text (only to keep in contact with my out-of-the-country kid in emergencies!).  It will save us hundreds this year!  Sprint's gonna HATE me!

I resolved to plan and shop ONLY once per week for groceries we need for me to make meals at home, including breakfasts and lunches.  It's been proven that we spend WAY over our budget (sorry, bad word!) when we are in the store 2, 3, or 4 times per week just to pick up this or that.  This or that ends up costing what a car payment might be!

And, Ladies, when did we stop knowing how to do our own nails and hair that we have to pay someone to do it regularly for us?  If your hands work, should be working on you!

And for everyone with more than one vehicle payment (plus insurance!), I ask myself this everytime I hear about Jay Leno's car many cars can you drive at a time?  A car was meant to get you from A to B safely.  That's all that's required.  I don't want a car OR phone to talk to me, guide me (they have maps for that), tell me things I can find out myself with a little effort, show me movies, make a call FOR me, or choose the restaurant I'll treat myself to that night!  When did we give up so much control of our own decision-making and autonomy to, well, machines?  Think on that one, John Connor.

OK...done with the Sunday morning rant and ready to head to Mass to hang out with Somebody I love and can trust and is showing me the WAY to live in this complicated world without it being so complicated of a life.  Sigh.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, All, and have a blessed and enlightened week!