Saturday, March 17, 2012

Whatever Happened to Class?

Yes.  Those of you that follow Broadway theater will recognize that song from "Chicago". 

But, seriously, what DID happen to it?  When did "my bad" replace "I'm sorry" or "Forgive me"?  When did a shove shove "Excuse me" out of the way?

I get a special little nonsensical thrill whenever I hear a child say, 'please' or 'thank you', these days, and I reward them by acknowledging it.  I've almost given up on the adults. 

When did we stop being NICE to each other?  I recall the 'Love thy neighbor' part.  I try to do it everyday.  (Watch it!)

Yes.  I am the woman in the doctor's office who tells your child to either pull her pants up or her shirt down to avoid showing her crack to the waiting room.  I am that irritating woman who pulls up next to your teenager and says, "I love you too much to not tell you to put that phone down while you are driving." and your kid thanked me.  I, luckily, am the one who gave your children a ride home from the 7-11 after seeing them almost run down by cars on a busy highway.  Since they were 9, 5, and 3 and sent to the store by your 15 year old son, I figured you wouldn't mind.  I told him so, too, when I got them there, safely. Sue me.

I take risks in life, obviously.  One day, somebody MIGHT sue me.  Doubt it.  I act out of love and caring for my fellow human beings.  We're what we have down here.  We might as well act, well, humanely, toward one another.  I might just have to say something the next time I catch a young lady stabbing her food in a restaurant like it's the first time she's held a knife and fork, though, or propping her bare feet up on a dashboard or out a car window.  THOSE are major pet peeves of mine.

But, I have faith in young people.  They want to know better and to do better.  Sometimes, there is no one available to guide them.  Teachers can't do it all, people, and I sure can't, and things definitely cannot.  Let's help them out when we are able to in a kind and loving way and see what happens. 

We may have a next generation of adults that care.  They may be able to think and to express themselves in healthy ways.  They may be able to act, dress, and behave appropriately, in public with confidence.  Then, dare I say it? They will be knowledgeable and conscientious voters, with good work ethics, and pride in what they accomplish individually or together in their communities.

O.K. Where was I going with this?  I'm not looking for a pat on the back.  It seems like I've been doing all the chatting so I'd love to know if or how young people are getting the help they need out there.  Feel free to leave a comment.  People need ideas.  List the organizations.  Tell me your experience.  Tell me YOUR pet peeve.  If you think I'm wrong, tell me why.  I just know I'm not alone out here with these thoughts.

Meanwhile, I'll keep up the prayers for the youngsters and for all who are kind enough to drop in to read my ravings.  Thanks and have a truly blessed week!

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