Friday, August 16, 2013

Mediocrity Is Prohibited!

Today, I ran across an article online to help me in my Reboot entitled, 7 Things Leonardo Da Vinci Can Teach You About Creativity.

The author is really writing for someone in business to tap into their creative side to 'get ahead' but I found some of the information useful, personally.

It caught my eye because it mentioned Leonardo Da Vinci, who maintains a spot on my list of admired figures.  The reason I like this guy is because, as mentioned in the article, he was not only the artist behind the Mona Lisa.  Leo (yeah, we're close like that!) had volumes of drawings and inventions and ideas far beyond his time. He would have a blast with all that is available today to take his plans to another level! His excitement and curiosity are infectious!

Now, on to how this applies to me and my journey...

I say, again, there is no reason on Earth why anyone should say the words, "I'm bored", "There's nothing to do", or worse, "I can't". 

I realize that each life is so very different from the time we wake to the time we bed-down for the night (or whatever order it's done for you).  I realize there are many different responsibilities we have daily using up daytime/nighttime/OUR time, and keeping us from pursuing what we'd love to be doing AT the time.  I realize that many of us don't even know what we want to do with our time. And, it is precious

It's so precious that we need to use it carefully.  Thus, part of my Reboot is going to be dedicating my time to thinking.  You heard me.

We are all so busy Doing that we don't get a chance to THINK.  The thoughts we have are mostly superficial, often, of clothes, food, tv, who-said-what-to-who, etc. that we are not open to the full use of our talents and skills. 

The other part is attempting to truly find what my gift is.  Daunting thought, but not impossible.  Many, regretfully, never give it a thought, at all.

Just when we think we have no talent or skill, a crisis or a rare quiet moment presents itself and we discover it.  What we do with it is the question.  If and when it is discovered, we must not let it drop and ignore it.  That's a crime against Nature.  I feel it should be mandatory in our minds that we must complete something regarding what we've discovered about ourselves. If it's not completed to the end of the process, that's ok. After all, Leo designed a helicopter and never got to see one fly.  Someone else may grab the ball and run with it but at least we did our part.  And we enjoyed it.  How rare is that these days?

The trick to this is that money must not be a motivator, nor fame or notoriety or approval.

That curiousity I mentioned has to be developed again. It was so natural and present as a child, then knocked out of me by Life.  I'm out to rediscover it and then take off running with whatever comes about.  I'm ready to say "Yes" instead of "No" to what comes to mind.  I'm ready to seek the talent or skill that was gifted to me.  I'm ready to not settle for 'good enough', anymore, and seek 'right'.  I'm ready to be as fearless as I was as a child.  I'm ready to push past the discomfort that comes from changing up the routine.  I'm ready to do better even if it's not someone else's best.  I'm ready to do the best ME I can.

When I was a little girl, I imagined myself a chemist. I sat backwards on the closed toilet seat using the flat-top as my lab. I'd mix anything I could find in the house in little cups, just to see what would happen. In fact, that's how I create recipes to this day but not in the bathroom! I liked the Marx Brothers and would open a wire hanger into a "D" shape, stretch rubber bands across it and pretend to play like Harpo, or piano (table) like Chico. Agreed. Those things were a little nutty, but I was a weird kid. I was the 'household' ballerina and tap dancer because of Cyd Charise, Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. I flipped, bent, balanced, and split to be an Olympic gymnast. My favorite tree still stands in Lincoln Park in Chicago that I could climb into and be "Jane of the Jungle" observing others from above. I took old clocks and phones apart to see what was inside. I wrote. I drew. I painted. I sang. I sculpted figures from clay. I did needlework, weaving, and crocheted and knitted with pencils. I designed dresses, added numbers, played "secretary", Mommy, doctor, and architect (Mike Brady made it look so easy!). I played for hours! Where did my imagination go?

There's a Youtuber, known as Shameless Maya. She can be found on Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram and whatever else is out there.  She's put herself 'out there' to free the talented spirit in her, even to the point of shaving her head. While I may have different ideas about a few things she does and says, that effort she's making and her slogan is one I support.  It's "Do You, Boo!".  I thought it was just cute at first but actually makes sense for a younger generation sleep-walking into envying what the latest '20 minutes-of-famer' is doing or being.  It's a way of saying that whatever you do and whoever you are, you are the best of you.  There's no imitation needed, even as a form of flattery.  There is only one You created, ever existing, now and forever.

Therefore, that You....and I, must be treasured and cared for and our resources used to the utmost.  For me, that began, laughably, by starting this blog.  Again, this is not for money in any way.  It is a way to sort thoughts, see where my talents lie, and bring with me anyone else who wants to join me on the journey to finding their own.  It is there. I just know it! For any new idea I now have, the question is, "What if...?".

The Joy of Play is what I seek. And, I won't settle for less. Nor should You.


Friday, August 9, 2013

The Silence is Deafening!

I was going to name this post, 'Fun With Insomnia', only it's not fun!

As my husband tells it, I have trouble shutting down my hard-drive at night. 

The house is darkened, it's late, the temperature is good, the bed is comfortable, I'm medicated, and it's quiet.  It's too quiet.   

We're so blessed with this life, then why can't I just go to bed like a normal person?

Here's the process I'm now suckered into acting out before the Sandman does his thing.

I must have the television on.  I know that's a big NO-NO! It has to be tuned to something I have absolutely NO interest in watching, hearing, learning from or paying attention to.  This could be a movie I've seen many times, a television show rerun, or a documentary on a topic I truly can skip.

The second step is letting my brain go through the thoughts that may include any, or all, of the following:

          "Wonder what my daughter's up to right now?"
          "What was that noise?"
          "Did I lock both doors?"
          "So, that's why men have nipples!"
          "There was an error on King of Queens tonight.  The price tag on his shirt disappeared!"
          "Funny how that post office lady guessed the city where I was born, correctly!"
          "I should check that receipt for errors."
          "That sounds like a frog or something!"
          "Why on Earth would anyone want to create 'fake' ground beef??"
          "Douglas Fairbanks Jr. in Gunga Din is called Valentine."
          "Douglas Fairbanks Jr. as Valentine says his last day in the French Legion is February 14th."
          "That's Valentine's Day here....did they do that on purpose?"
          "Why did I just think of that?"
          "No, wait.  He says, May 14th.  That's not Valentine's Day."
          "What should I make for dinner tomorrow?"
          "Another error on King of Queens was that pan of chicken that kept changing places!"
          "I have a lot of veggies to use up.  I'll make soup."
          "I should sleep. If only I was at the beach.  I always sleep well near water."
          "I love waves."
           (Bathroom break)
          "What is that song's name?  la-la-lala dum. Never mind."
          "Can't forget to make that call tomorrow."
          "Was that thunder?  It may rain again tonight."
           (Bathroom break)
          "How does that go again? 1-3-0-1-2-3?"
          "I used to love that jacket I had when I was 12."
          "Oh, yeah...there's the rain.  I hear it on the roof."
           (Bathroom break)
          "Is that a frog I hear?"
          "I should not have had that last bottle of water tonight."
           (Bathroom break)

Lastly, not only is the mind going at a breakneck pace but I rock!  I mean I literally rock myself back and forth in bed.  Our marriage has lasted only because of a memory foam mattress.  As it stands, I can do Pilates, stretches, and even the Electric Slide in bed and not wake my husband (who has no problems sleeping!)  There's my 'shout-out' for Tempurpedic.

My body may not run like it did at 17 but my mind is racing all over the place.  Eventually, exhaustion kicks in, after covering so many miles of data, and I sleep. 

I sleep.

I sleep until 4am when Tommy's alarm rings.  He wakes, he cuddles, he tells me he loves me and to go to sleep.  Really? Waaaaaaah!

I will either resolve to nap later, completely awaken at this time and chat, try to read, do a puzzle, check Facebook, or turn on I Love Lucy reruns and, eventually, sleep.

Thus, people wonder why they don't hear from me, why there are times the phone goes to voicemail in the afternoon or late morning, or why I sound so out of it when they call.

Please see above.

Oh....and it was a frog.