Wednesday, September 14, 2016

One Thing I've Learned....

Alright, maybe two or three.

1) No one thinks the same as you do, 2) No one can do what you do, and 3) No one else can BE you.

I should end this blog right there. But, you guys know me by now and I am incapable of that.

When I wrote my first book and published it, although it's under the pseudonym Rostand Reads, I had many people thinking and saying, "That came out of HER?"

What I write was very different than the 'me' others know. It should be that way or it's not good fiction, in my humble opinion. It surprises many that, yes, she has an imagination. So do you. If you don't write or even think and speak honestly and truthfully from your inner being, you risk being seen as a totally different person than intended.

You are what you think. Share it. It gets others going, too.

Getting the first book out there shocked many. The second and third of the series will, too.

When did she do that? How did she do it? Why didn't she say something about it? I have my reasons. When I complete something is when others find out about it, normally. That is to avoid the naysayers and fear-mongers of the world afraid to move and veer off-course. Not that I have any special talents that I know of, but when you do what only you can do, it's done in the way that only YOU can do it. Does that make sense?

For every step you take in life, it's yours and only yours. No one can step for you. No one else can bring you up or down (or shouldn't be allowed to!). No one is on your journey but you. Walk on. Oh, whatever, RUN if you want to!

There is only one You ever created on Earth. You have not existed in the past and will not one day in the future. What you leave behind you will matter to someone somewhere. Make it count. I'm leaving a beautiful, accomplished and fearless daughter behind one day, for sure. I don't expect to leave masterpieces behind in writing, painting, composing, or the cure for the common cold, but I'll tell you a secret.

Someone I greatly admire pointed this out to me recently and I have to share it.

The way you can tell how a person lives is not by judging them but observing them. It tells how they are and will be with you. It's how they treat the people they are responsible for in life.

You can see how parents are with their children, how politicians are with their constituents (and families!), husband and wives with each other, teachers with students, owners/managers with their get my drift. There is a wealth of information there about "the Person". In saying this, I realize, personally, how I must be aware of those I'm responsible for, including myself.

Be the person others can turn to. Be the person who cares for themselves. Be kind to yourself. Be the one that is willing to help and to listen. Be the one that respects and encourages others. Be the one that cheers when others do well. Be the one that loves everyone and wants the best for them and yourself. For there truly is only one 'you'.

Reboot Challenge? Start being the best YOU today.