Monday, February 25, 2013

Happy Anniversary!

I still can't believe we've been married 12 years!  The time flies so quickly.  Oh, what plans we had for Sunday!  But the best laid schemes of mice and men...?

These days, I have fun battling Multiple Sclerosis and a pending surgery on my knee. (Insert sarcasm here.) The first is enough of a pickle getting around but add the second and it's almost comical.  Hubby didn't know what he was signing up for when he proposed but is handling it all like a trooper.

We began the day with a surprise power surge throughout the night.  It caused the clocks to stop, which led to an unintended  'sleep-in'.  There went the 8 o'clock Mass. 

My husband noticed the car had pollen and bird-greetings on it and wanted to run through a wash on the way.  Fine.  The kid picked up one of those long wandlike waterjets to spray the car before we entered.  He sprayed the hood, the driver's door, the back door WITH THE OPEN WINDOW, and the left side of my head with a burst of cold cold water.

Now, anyone with natural curly, kinky, wavy hair knows that unintended water is the enemy!  So I screamed and, for some inexplicable reason, behaved as if my hands didn't work, just waving them in the air.

"Dry me off!", I yelled to my husband.

With the left side of my head now a partial Afro and shirt salvaged, we continued on. I didn't want to be a distraction at Church so I left my crutches in the vehicle. It was the next of increasingly bad decisions I was to make yesterday.

After Mass, we go on with our plans for breakfast.  Anyone who eats in restaurants knows that a Sunday morning is the worst day to try to get breakfast anywhere.  The first place had people standing and sitting inside and outside, waiting.  The second, the same.  The third, however, (This is sounding like Goldilocks!) was just right. They would, though, stop serving breakfast in 5 minutes.  There wouldn't even be time to park the car.

Back to the first, we went, at my urging.

The decision was made that I would use my crutches as I was dropped off to reserve a table.  I clumsily made my way inside, with the help of an elderly man who held the door.  The people parted like the Red Sea for Moses. 

"Wow! The power of crutches is COOL!", I thought.

No.  Now that I think of it, they probably feared for their feet between the ends of the crutches plus the 'biker boots' I like to wear.

I was offered a seat and you bet I took it, gratefully.  I still don't have the hang of using the darn things so when we were seated, they seemed to be all over the place for a minute.  Sufficiently embarrassed, we were settled.  After receiving and digging into our meals, I stopped suddenly to look for our waitress.  My husband asked me why I'd stopped eating. 

You see, I hadn't wanted to alert him just yet to the bright orange price-tag in my eggs.

Since he asked, without a word,  I continued to look for the woman and slowly pushed my plate toward him.  He gasped.  I mean, he actually did! First time!

I handed the plate to the waitress and told her to tell the cooks in the back to slow down.

The manager didn't charge us for my meal, of course. 

Now, what is not understood here is that, this is not the first time something like this has happened to me.  I once bit down on a used bandaid at an Indian buffet! 

Enough of that! I'm making myself sick thinking of it again.

Hours later, we had reservations at a fine dining place.  It was built where the restaurant we had our rehearsal dinner used to be. 

No crutches for me!  I wanna look CUTE tonight! (Insert eye-roll here.)

I limped and swayed like a drunk to the bar since we were early.  We had a laugh with the bartender and a waiter over a drink order. Apparently, a man at a table ordered a Cosmopolitan but wanted Chambord substituted for the lime juice.  We all agreed, that's called a French Martini.  He sent it back because it had too little Chambord.  Then he sent it back because it had too much!  The waiter was so funny and patient.  I think I would have told the man to get help!

While Hubby paid the bar tab, I made my way to our table, weaving and trying to stay on my feet.  That's always such a good look for a woman. 

Who was our waiter?  Cosmo-guy!  He walked over and I asked for a Cosmo with Chambord.  He laughed but pointed out that the man was seated in the next booth.  Fortunately, he didn't hear me.  I'm a soft-speaker.  This is the first time, I think, I've been grateful for it. (Faux-pas, anyone?  It's delicious!)

We had a lovely dinner with some of the best food I've ever had, free champagne, and dessert to-go.  I told my husband I'd need help getting out after being seated for so long.  Sure enough, the knee is a problem upon standing.  My husband, aka my crutch in so many ways, got me out and home where we looked at our wedding album together.  I know it's corny but it was that OR the video. 

I may be paying for my vanity today with some pain.  But it was worth it!

Proven again that there may be inconvenient unexpected nonsense that happens in life but it's almost always followed by something good and good times.  So, don't sweat it.

What a wonderful anniversary it was, and really, how blessed am I?