Wednesday, October 21, 2015

One for the Ladies, I'm a Man Fan

Anyone who has read any of my little blog knows this, already. If you don't, feel free to browse and see.

I love humans, in general. Getting down to brass tacks, though, I like men.

The notion that a man and woman cannot be friends is not one I've accepted growing up. There has been almost a preference to be around them as my buddies, as teachers, as talkers, and as ones to be admired. I was the girl that wouldn't go, "Yuk! That's nasty!" when I was shown a bug by a boy. I like to listen and always found male friends that liked to talk and teach. There are certain traits about men that led me to admire how they think, look, walk, and behave. Many men really do look at the world differently, and it's fascinating to me!

I will never be the one to do the male-bashing and don't like sticking around to hear it done, either. I'm a true fan. I appreciate male-directness. I like that they are not as complicated (or as simple!) as females may believe. My opinion is the fact that a good man will say what is on his mind, when he feels the need to say it, is an attribute, not an attempt to hurt feelings. Likely, it hasn't occurred to him, to do anything but tell the truth, even if one doesn't like it. That's why you have to get to know the man. I like to see hard-working men who know who they are and what they have to do and just do it. No argument. No whining. They just do it.

I even like their scent. It's a pheromone thing.

A man of substance will work for himself, his family, and do whatever it takes to assure a living whether it's sitting at a desk or digging ditches. If you allow one who can make you laugh, shows love and has good work ethics into your life, you've got yourself a winner, Ladies! If that same man can admit to loving you and God, not in that order, you've really struck gold.

It may be true that to have that good one, the Prince, you may have to kiss one or two or 50 frogs. In my lifetime, I found that I never got warts. I got lessons. With eyes open, you learn. You learn what you want, what is a deal-breaker, and what you are willing to contribute, as well. I learned defense. blocking, how to most effectively use my energy, and when to leave myself open to contact. You learn. You grow and survive and thrive, whether he's made his appearance in your circle or not. 

My speech is not to say to go with whatever smiles at you wearing pants. They say when you stop looking is when you meet 'him'. That may be true in some cases but in my experience, it's when you stop looking for the specific height, size, color, finances, employment, style, age, nationality, and car...that's when you see him. Once you've limited yourselves in those ways, you may have just eliminated the one that you were meant to see and was meant to see you.

We will all have our good and not-so-good experiences with a man, or men. Every woman has a situation she'd rather not have gone through. But, if we are as smart as we believe we are, we will always learn, forgive, move on and drop the past and pain. There is always more on the horizon than we are able see with our limited human vision.

We have Hope. We are aware. We value and respect ourselves and each other. We love.

Reboot Challenge? Make eye contact, talk and listen. Don't assume. Make friends and see what happens.