Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Clean Eating Weekend...Let's Go!

I like the sound of that...Here's to new beginnings!

I'd almost forgotten that I'd promised to do a project sponsored by Takeyah @CoreConnection (see Twitter) when I received the email this morning.  God Bless her! SHE remembered.

After the Turkey, et al.  After the Birthday cake, et al.  I owe it to my body to do this one thing for it.  EAT WELL and FRESH.

Now, don't get me wrong.  Most of the time I'm buying organic, making good things and keeping away from GMO's as much as I'm aware.  But I also must confess to being the carnivore in the family.  Do not try to deny me MEAT when I need it! It isn't pretty.  However, for my health and well-being, I MUST try to do what Takeyah's suggesting....and more!

I love the idea of this weekend plan as a jumpstart to that better health I'm craving.  I have my own medical issues that may or may not complicate things but I know that it will improve, not diminish what my body needs to do daily.  She is making it easy by providing a shopping list and meal plans for the weekend.  Second confession:  I am the Master at Listmaking.  I make them and check off items and have been doing that since I was a child. 

I also love the idea that she will be available for questions, support, and to keep me on track---personally.  It's like having my own diet coach...I hate that word, die-et.  The program will be extended, of course, as it's silly to think I would start and immediately go back to bad habits.  The program is very informative regarding what we should be eating and what is, in the long-term, deadly.  There's no other way to put it.  Most of our illnesses seem to be resulting from the food that is widely available to us in grocery stores.  As it is, I rarely purchase pre-made boxed, canned or frozen prepared foods.  Frozen, in our home, only include vegetables and fruits that are out of season or not grown locally/organically.

The timing of this is perfect as I've just found an organic hydroponic grower very near my home.  I intend to visit them more often.  I actually found sorrell there! (google it!) It was delicious and required nearly NO cleaning. 

I'm excited to start yet feel guilt and sorrow that this is not available to all people.  I'm not doing this to live longer, just better while I'm here.  Many in America do not have this kind of choice and should.  Poorer areas only have what is within their neighborhoods, which includes many fast food joints and little fresh ANYthing. In a country of this size and so-called power, this is what we face.  Medical issues like diabetes, obesity, cancers, and cardiac problems are rampant and no one has made the connection?

As stated in a previous blog, our government hasn't even cared enough about us to label the genetically-modified foods like Europe does.  They don't because then many of the illnesses could be traced back to the manufacturers and growers and there is a tremendous amount of money being circulated to keep that wheel turning.

Well, they'd better watch out.  If and when I get right and fit, I'm taking them on with both fists.  How, you say?  I don't think a single letter to my Congressman will do it at this point.  There's going to be a movement along with leaders like @DavidWolfe, @OrganicLiveFood and @RogerBezanis and everyone contributing on Twitter and Facebook.  I'm sure something can be done.  This is about the food we and our children ingest!  That's more than a little important, in my opinion.

Wow.  Did I just get off the mark a little?  Well, that's how my mind works.  I'm used to it.

Feel free to check back with me on the progress, if you like!

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