Thursday, June 28, 2012

Lie to me some more, please!

Now, I'm not the person to debate politics or religion.  I leave that to my husband.  I know where I stand on both issues and my 'reboot' of the latter is very personal to me. I am always willing to answer any questions, if anyone shows interest or is confused or just curious.  The door is always open.

This is not a change in subject, just follow along with me on this. 

When I lie in bed, like your average human, trying to go to sleep, I MUST have the t.v. on.  I have to have it tuned to something I've seen before or something I have no real interest in watching or listening to for a reason. 

My problem is that as I lie there, my mind is doing many activities.  I am rehashing the day's activities, the people I saw, what I heard or read, what my daughter's up to, prayers for those I know need them (which is everyone, basically!), plans for the next day, if any, and even plans for future activities.  I think of my husband's plans, how they will impact me. Oh, my!  It's a wonder I sleep at all!

Last night, even WITH the t.v. on a food channel, I was recalling a magazine cover I perused in the doctor's waiting room yesterday afternoon.  I'll describe it, then tell you why it was on my mind way into the night hours.

The cover was of a beautiful blond woman in a designer dress and shoes standing on a cobbled Parisian street outside of a shop.  She was holding a bicycle with a basket of flowers, bread, and the biggest wheel of cheese I've ever seen!  I never got past the cover to read the magazine for the following reasons.

I noted that a) she couldn't possibly ride that bike in those heels or dress, b) she couldn't even walk on a cobbled road in those 6-inch heels, c) she was SO thin that I'm sure she wouldn't TOUCH the food in the basket at any cost, and d) she was on a beautiful street IN PARIS and had this look of disdain on her face, not pleasure. 

Obviously, the photographer was going for something.  But as I learned, one of the rules in graphic design is, is it VALID?  Meaning does it communicate the message you want in a way the viewer can pick-up on?  OK. Now, I'll tell you.  It was a very well known and expensive TRAVEL magazine.  Nothing about that photo made me want to go to Paris (Alright! Maybe the cheese wheel!).

My late-night thoughts brought me a big belly-laugh at the time and were refreshed this morning as I heard the Supreme Court's opinion on the Healthcare Law.  It passed 5-4.  I laughed because (here we go again!) a) I wondered how could ANYone want to deny care to the sick or potentially ill, b) a judge appointed by former President Bush voted FOR the passing of the law (irony noted), c) there is a party running a candidate for President that passed an almost identical law in the state of which he was Governor, d) most people do not understand what it means for them now or down the road but are strongly for or against it, and, yes, there is an e) citizens are as ignorant of this as we are of many issues that happen in our country.

When I use the term 'ignorant' I'm using the exact definition that we just don't know, not meaning it in a derogatory manner.  We are lied to constantly, fed inaccurate information on all sides, and having what intelligence we do have insulted on a daily basis. 

That's how I felt looking at that magazine.  I was having my intelligence insulted.  I was being played for a fool.  I was being pandered to as someone that knows very little about rules of physics and the world.  I wasn't meant to look that closely at that cover. And I was offended.

I am deeply offended, also, by the Republican Party, on this issue of Healthcare Laws.

Consider that we are required by law currently to have automobile insurance, drivers' licenses and have our cars registered by law. Lenders require us to have mortgage insurance, smart people buy rental insurance, and for goodness sake, people buy PET HEALTH insurance.  As I recently, tweeted, why are we so reluctant to have to pay for insurance for our personal health and the health of our families! We didn't and don't fight the other insurances.  Why don't we want to take care of ourselves?  Is our self-esteem that low? Or do we truly see ourselves as immortal and invincible against all diseases and accidents?  Obviously, it's one or the other.

Wait.  There is one more.  Is it because Congress is fighting it so hard and people who follow their logic don't realize that those politicians don't have to worry about such things, personally?  The politicians are covered.  Their families are covered.  Their elder years are more than covered.  And guess what?  They don't have to pay for it!  We do! 

So, we are more willing to pay for them and their families to have good preventive healthcare, receive excellent care when they are ill, and have no cut-offs or pre-existing exclusions, receive their medications without having to decide whether to use their money to eat instead like our Seniors do,  and not have to worry about going bankrupt while sick or dying from a catastrophic illness?  How generous we are!  And, pardon me, but how foolish.

THIS is not valid, in my opinion.

May we all be blessed now and in the future with excellent health, a great craving for the truth, and open eyes.

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