Tuesday, September 24, 2013

From the 3 R's to the 3 N's

When I said in prior posts that I'm out to learn something "true" everyday, I take that very seriously.

I am confessing that by the time I learn to do a "smoky eye" instead of a racoon-eye, there will be a new trend.  By the time I perfect the "cat-eye eyeliner look" and no longer resemble a poor man's Eartha Kitt, I'll no longer desire it and be too old to pull it off, anyway.  If I even WANTED to do the extra bright eyeshadows in multi-colors, I would be the woman others would ask, "So are you on stage?" or worse, "Are you really a dude?". 

This is a refusal to submit to what I've observed in mascara ads that promise larger eyes, complete with behind-the-scenes application of fake lashes and camera close-ups of a woman's eye very slowly but definitely lifting her lid to give the appearance that her eye is actually larger.  I look waaaay too closely at these trickeries and sleight of hand approaches to sale tactics.  It's what I do.  Prestidigitation.  I like the word.  I watch for the action and usually find it.

Notice the television ads pharmaceutical companies show every 10 minutes.  I know I've mentioned this before.  Close your eyes and really listen to what the pleasant voice is saying instead of being distracted by the visual cues of happy, healthy people being "helped" by the drug.  You'll hear what this medication may actually do to you.  And it isn't pleasant.  It take advantage of those who are suffering and willing to try anything to stop it. So, yes, you can have the botulin injections to help the migraines, but you may go numb and never feel the gentle stroke of a hand on your cheek.  Let's continue looking.

We have been convinced of something I heard today that is TRUE.  A guest on a show on VeriaLiving Channel spoke of it in relation to healthy lifestyles. Our present situation has us believing what Dr. Melanie Joy calls the "3 N's".  We are told and have truly bought into what we are told and led to believe is Normal, Natural, and Necessary. The discussion was primarily regarding being Vegan or Vegetarian but it occured to me that this can have many applications from the politics we choose to the food we eat.

Dr. Joy, a psychologist, has written a book called, "Why We Love Dogs, Eat Pigs, and Wear Cows".  I intend to check this out soon just for the title, alone.  Look for a 'review' in the near future.

The other is "The China Study" by Dr. T. Colin Campbell who, through his research, discovered that cancer can be 'turned on or off' based on which diet was fed.  Apparently, plant-based diets turn it off. Not news enough for the world to know, I guess.

Insulted, it reminded me, again, how we are lied to, intentionally or not, by food growers, FDA, USDA, and that thorn in my side, Monsanto. Here's a short recap from a previous post.

Monsanto made Roundup Weed Killer.  Then they made a seed that is resistant to Roundup.  They patented that seed so if anyone decides to use it, they have to pay for it.  Meanwhile, wind, birds, and insects can move the seed from one farm to another.  If they discover their seeds, unpaid for, in an area, they will sue the owner of the property.  And, believe me, they check for it.  They have for years and have forced many farmers out of business.  It's been done with soy, corn, alfalfa, and, careful now, they tried to hit the wheat.  Many countries have insisted that consumers be notified when a Biotech or GMO is in their food through labeling.  The U.S. has not.

Once they have the wheat, though, the world will be at their mercy. It sounds melodramatic but if we continue eating the Genetically Modified foods and the animals that are fed the GMO's, what does that do to us all, in time? The great unknown. They presently enter poor countries, claim they'll increase the amount of food available to the population, make promises of prosperity, and then proceed to decrease the natural-found seeds that have existed for thousands of years, apply for patents, and guarantee the poorer become the poorest, yet somehow fatter at the same time and dying earlier. Interesting and for sure, a topic for another blog post.

Now, back to the Normal, Natural, and Necessary question. Is it?

This is a question we each should ask ourselves as we 'vote' with our money for every purchase.  We should ask this about every morsel of food we place in our mouths and give our families.  Ask it about the clothes we put on our backs. We should ask this about the latest greatest promised technology offered to us every few months.  Yes, I mean the security blankets we carry with us disguised as cell phones and pads.  We need to determine the 3 N's in our relationships with others, the movies and tv we spend time watching and other amusements, what we drive, the medicine we take, the words that come from our mouths, how we care for ourselves and each other, and the jobs we choose to do and what sort of life do we want when we stop doing it.  We should be interested and thinking about what affects us and those around us.

I thought this was the most enlightening and true thing I'd heard this far.  I'll be waiting for more to appear as time goes on.  It's just something to deeply consider, use as a guide and discuss, and help with direction in our lives.

The argument, as I play Devil's Advocate, Sociologist, Philosophist and Scientist, is that each principle is relative and not measurable.  Where does that leave us, then?  As it was said on the show, the dinner stew may have been great, until you learn the first ingredient was dog. But that was normal for your host. It's natural. And in some places, necessary. Meanwhile, we chew on chicken chests as healthful and think macrobiotic diets are weird.

It leaves us with individual choices and decisions to make.  It calls upon us to grow up and decide what is important to each of us in this Life until we leave it.  It calls upon us to help others to know what we know and empower them to do the same.   

People say, Life is Short.  Compared to what?  A moment can be less than a second or it can be years.  Because we had no say on when we got here or when we leave, following that simple criteria can save us time better spent and given, money better spent and given, our sanity when we stop chasing what doesn't meet the criteria, and our peace while we are here.

Those three N's are a pretty good place to start.

Is it normal?  Is it natural? Is it necessary?

Many blessings to all this week with open eyes, hearts, and spirits, and a special blessing to all who open their wallets, homes and lives to others in need. 

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