Friday, December 27, 2013

Wherefore Art Thou....Brangelina?

I have been trying to limit reading comments to articles and blogs because they, inevitably, become disturbing, crude, ignorant politician-bashing, religion-bashing, 'spam-alot', or completely off-topic.

This caught my eye yesterday and I just HAD to read on.

Floating around the web-inverse is a blog posting that has me laughing, saddened, puzzled, insulted, curious, and full of desire to dissect it.  Note: I'm saying dissect, not judge. I just have to share this!

The blog I'm referring to has been circulating with lovely pictures of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie with a couple of their children with joy on their faces and playfulness in their hearts.  They all look healthy and loving...and the pictures.  My first instinct is to say, "This joy is real". The World tries to manipulate me into saying, "These are ACTORS.  They can portray any emotion.  It's their JOB."

I try not to overthink these things but the blog has me wanting to know about the people who read it and are responding by the thousands in their comments. 

Because I believe the blog post was written solely to get a reaction and millions of views for profit, I refuse to actually name it.  You all know that mine is not a "money-making" site.  It's purely experimental and a vessel to hold the thoughts that come to me, sometimes in the middle of the night.  Forgive me.

Therefore, I, personally, refuse to endorse the site or lead any more readers to it directly.  If you are interested, it can be 'googled', I'm sure. This is also the reason I never wear clothing with slogans or names of sport teams or designers blazed across them.  Let them pay for their own advertising. Alright, I'm back.

In a nutshell, this is a published letter signed by "Brad Pitt" that spills out the details of weight loss, 'head-poking' (I still don't understand that!), depression, and physical pain and agony Angelina Jolie was in, that he was going to 'divorce' her, but had a revelation that included buying her things, speaking well of her to her and to their "mutual friends"(note: not to his friends), and loving her to the point of 'madness' that she would "become a reflection of him". Uh...OK.

Point number 1...are they married, now? Never mind, I don't care for this post now.

This poorly written letter was such a hoot that I didn't know where I'd start with it. Then the comments started rolling in to my email.  I'd enabled that function out of curiosity in how people viewed celebrity relationships, IF they actually believed Brad Pitt had written it (it's been denied by his agent and him), how much people would reveal of themselves in relation to the people involved and of their own personal struggles in relationships, and, finally, of the "believers" how strongly would they fight for the message, for Brangelina, or against the fact that it is fake!

I was rewarded with an inbox full of material!

Last night I watched Fellini's Juliet of the Spirits for the first time.  It is a story of a middle-aged woman whose husband's sin is infidelity with a young model. She struggles with her upbringing in her faith, being overshadowed by glamorous family members, is pulled in many directions by odd friends and a neighbor who tries to, pardon me, get her laid. Spoiler Alert:  Two wrongs don't make a right. She runs away before it happens, confronts the mistress, lets the husband go on his "business trip" with the girl, breaks off the need for acceptance from others, and walks away into the woods.  Whether she is happy or sad is left to the viewer.  Whether she was processing how to leave the marriage is left open. Whether she feels alone or stronger is, also. I like to think she walked out to think and listen to the voice of God telling her everything would be alright, whatever her decision was. The idea that Masina was portraying almost exactly what her life was with Fellini makes her performance stunning!

I'm not just drifting here. 

The comments to the blog are rife with women and men whose spouse or whoever, were unfaithful.  They express it so vehemently online that you see they are still suffering from the betrayal and it hurts to read them. They call Brad a hypocrite because of Jennifer Aniston (Oh, he'll never live that down!).  Others say, and I was amused, that good men are like parking spots.  They are hard to find and when you do, they're handicapped. The loneliness and pain are palpable.

Others defended the post as if it really said something deep and intellectual and true.  The comments are full of "Wow's" and even a "Wow+1"! They speak of how wonderful Brad is to do what he did for Angie.  It's so romantic that he bought her stuff and was nice to her and brought her back to life. They defend it as, whoever wrote it, (sniff) beautiful.

Ding-dong! Answer the door. I think it's Reality calling for you.

My own comment was:

"I had to leave a comment on this blog....That point is good but I believe, actually. Don't jump. A Brad Pitt may have, indeed, written this, just not THE Brad Pitt. Might even be that it's just the imagined thoughts of some writer about the couple by someone with too much time on their hands. They've demonstrated over years they are a pretty private couple so I don't think he would expose such intimate details of their lives to the public in this format...or at all. They aren't living a 'reality' show like Real Housewives or something. Lastly, if she were as bad as all that, the first thing he'd do is get her to a DOCTOR. I'm pretty sure they can afford one. Nice thoughts, but that's all it seems to be and a bit deceptive and insulting."

Although my comment may be a little on the snarky side, I was raised to be nice and polite, to be gracious, to say thank you when receiving a gift or if someone did something nice for me, and to say excuse me.  Is that not how we should all be, anyway, especially to the one we've selected to be with for the rest of our lives?

Point number 2. I do not think he wrote it. I think as one commenter said, it is "donkey balls". (Yeah, I LOL'ed at that!)  I do not have a tremendous interest in others' personal lives.  I do believe if someone is going through a tough time they may need professional help, not gifts. 

Point number 3. I don't believe making your partner a "reflection" of yourself is healthy. I do believe if everyone, including this couple, had a strong faith, it would help in huge ways to sustain their relationships. I know that is my personal belief and don't expect all to understand or accept it.  Know that I pray for all who are going through tough times in all ways. I pray for the lonely who are seeking a fantasy love that is made up by movies and books while real love may be right under their noses.

True romantic love that exists for eternity is not about the bells ringing, fireworks going off, the 'I want a Brangelina romance or nothing' mindset that many women and men are fooled into believing.  That's another reason why I was insulted by the blog post.

Love is everlasting, seen through each other's eyes, caring for one another through their worst as well as best, seeing the other at his or her worst, hand-holding that doesn't lead to bedroom action, knowing that isn't the only 'proof' of your love, saying I love you and only you and meaning it, complimenting one another to each other and to others, doing nice things for each other, being each other's hero, being polite to each other, saying 'thank you' and 'please', praying together, being together in your fight against the world and all it's lies, and being on the same page for what you want for both of you.

The other stuff is.....acting.

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