Wednesday, October 29, 2014

A Mother's Love

You were a surprise but a welcome one.

Mother knew if you were going to exist or not, but it's always a surprise to find out when you existed.

Mother's body protected you, naturally and automatically, as you grew within her. Mother's body fed you, helped you breathe, and protected you from the outside elements and from those that might hurt you. She, like every mother, instinctively would hold her hands in front of herself, resting on her belly, in front of you. I call it the Mother Pose.

Where she went, you went. What she ate, you ate. What she felt, you felt.

Mother made a home for you then and prepared one for your arrival into the World. She tried to make it as comfortable as possible, but sometimes things don't work the way it's planned. She may have had to move to a different place suddenly or had no money to insure a luxurious place for you. So, she did what she had to do...always.

When it was time for you to make your appearance, she found herself in a place of having to hope and pray all would be well. But she trusted that it would. She knew that it would.

You burst into the World with magnificence, Hope, and surrounded by love and welcomes!

From that moment on, Mother had to protect you in a different way. She felt such love for you that she would die for you. The sword through her heart always, was that you would go before her and she'd have to remain here without you.

She made sure you learned, had what you needed, even if it wasn't all you wanted. But, maybe you didn't ask for much anyway. Mother wanted you happy and carefree in your childhood. She knew being an adult in the World would be tough for you (understatement of the century!). She had many dreams for you but knew what happens, happens.

There were times you were hurt as you grew that she felt the hurt. You were insulted and so was she. You went without and she felt the pangs. Mother was at your side until the time came when she could no longer protect the child and had to let go.

As an adult you took off to live your life. Mother trusted that all had been done to prepare you for what was coming in your adulthood. She knew some of what you were doing and why...but not all. What momma does? Who really knows when and how life will be that they can fully prepare? Mother considered this and trusted. It was all she could do.

Mother watched as the World kicked you around, spoke badly about you, and betrayed you. You suffered and her heart felt like it would burn a hole in her chest. My baby! But, you aren't a baby, anymore. I think every mother has amnesia that makes her only remember you in her arms, right after birth, and that feeling of wanting to hold onto you forever, to smell your lovely little head, touch your cheek, or pat your back to comfort you.

I like to think that.

Yet I know there are mothers that are emotionally or mentally incapable of supplying affection, protection, or love to their children. I pray for them all. I've read and heard stories of emotional and physical abuse, attempts at harming or even killing, making sure a child feels worthless, and leaving them to wonder why they were even born.

All were born for a reason. Ask me the reason, I'll shrug. It is revealed in its own time for everyone. 

So, Mother had to watch as you died. Such sorrow is unimaginable unless you've experienced it, personally. She had to remain as strong as possible for her other "sons and daughters". She knew it was coming. She knew what she must do. She trusted.

She watched her son and her God die upon a cross. I can't conceive of the faith and strength that must have taken.

With His final breaths, He told her she was to be Mother to everyone now.

And with that, I think her heart felt a little lighter. As dedicated to being, as she said, the Handmaid of the Lord, she still feels the sorrow but it's different. We rejoice that she said, "Yes" to God's request of her and know that we, her children, can be comforted by Our Mother, today. We relate to her as a mother, as a woman, as a nurturer of all, whether we have children of our own or not. We all should know we have God's very own loving mother whispering our prayers into His ear and dispensing the Graces He sends. I love my earthly mother and my heavenly one!

I dedicate this to all children in need of mamas.

I, also, dedicate this to all mothers....especially those who have lost their children. Be at peace, for they are in the arms of Our Lord Jesus and His mama and our mama, the Blessed Virgin Mary.


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