Saturday, March 14, 2015

Without a Plan, You Plan to Fail?

There's a saying that when you ask God for something, He may answer in one of three ways.

"I have something better in mind for you."

We arrogantly expect to be able to live our lives, make our plans...or not, and have each one of our expectations and goals met without fail. We are fooling ourselves.

Life happens on levels of which we are not aware, at times we do not count upon, and in places we could never have expected to be. The day I stopped 'expecting' is the day I learned to live my life with pleasant and unexpected results. If "A" happens, then great. If "B" happens, then I can work with it or around it. But, the thrill comes when "C" comes about out of thin air and I meet it head on with all the skills and knowledge and experience and even advice from others to 'get her done'! That is Life. That is when I get to prove my mettle, my vigor, my spirit!

Why should Life be any less chaotic than the Cosmos?

Sure, I have my Faith and I know I have a Destiny. We all do. However, we all have had that time in our lives when we beat our head against the wall, shook our fists into the sky, yelled, cried, fought, scratched, and scraped to make an event happen or obtain something...or someone, we were just not meant to have. The efforts we made should have been our cue that something was amiss. We ignored it, though. We are like children again, at those times, and want what we want when we want it, regardless of whether or not it's good for us.

It isn't that what is meant to be is a cake-walk and falls into our lap without effort. There is work involved in all activity. It's just that such struggle should tell us whether we are headed in the right direction or not. We work. The work we do should be positive and worth our efforts, in the end. The same can be said for play and resting. It's that balance I've spoken of in previous posts.

Another saying is, if you want to make God laugh, tell Him your plans.

We may be headed East and we should be going West. We will then face storms, fall into holes, trip over rocks, slip off of hills, stumble into darkness. lose our wallets until we turn around and head EAST.

The differences between working for something we want versus for what we should is difficult to determine. It's difficult to determine if you aren't paying attention, that is. If I have to fight, scheme, cheat, ignore my conscience, lie, or push people aside or into my way of thinking to get what I want, only to have it taken away or to continually fight to keep it...then that doesn't sound like I really got the best of what I was supposed to have, does it? I didn't win, at all.

This month's reboot challenge is being completely honest about every area of your life you are trying to change and what you are working to get (or keep).

How hard are you working for that goal today? Is it painful or uncomfortable? How clear are you on what that goal is and what it means to you? Do you have feelings of stress and daily fights against 'unswallowing' at the efforts in trying to attain it or keep it? Or do you feel like you are conquering obstacles in the most exciting and positive way possible? Is it time to re-evaluate the plan?

Breathe and prove yourself only to yourself.


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