Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Time Has Come Today

There was a post in my head that was thoughtful, relevant, detailed, meaningful, planned, and ready to go! And, then I fell asleep.

I think we all know how that goes. If ya don't write it down, it's GONE! Poof!

So, you get this. It's almost as good. Maybe. I don't remember. If I do, you'll be the first to know.


Losing that amazing post DID prompt a consideration of Time and how it passes in our lives. I may have said it before, and not to sound morbid only truthful, from the time we are born, we begin to die. It's just a fact. No one's getting off this planet alive. I made your day just then, didn't I?

This is why every moment we have should be made to count! Every day we wake up should be when we think of what we want to experience and DO that day, what opportunity we want to MAKE happen, not wait for it, and the GOOD we want to leave behind when we are gone. It doesn't matter if our name is in a History book as long as it's in someone's heart and memory.

We should be making experiences, meeting others that are not of the same neighborhood, let alone the same culture. We should be learning a new skill or hobby or language. We should be travelling to see the rest of the World and its inhabitants, and not afraid to do it. We should, simply, speak to a stranger and/or offer help to one. You never know what that could mean to another's day...or life. Strangers are only those who we haven't met yet.

Time has come today to not be afraid to live our lives and not stay in a 'comfort zone' forever.

Those who create, music, write stories and plays and scripts are successful ONLY because they make that trip outdoors or inside themselves. Yes, the scariest place can be going inside oneself and learning who you are and what you are made of. But, if one lives in the one place, doing the same thing everyday, seeing the same people, having the same conversations, it IS the definition of insanity if you expect something new and wonderful to happen in your life.

We were not made that way. We were not made to be stagnant. That's why we have free Will and free Spirits to fly and move and change and GROW. We were not meant to be depressed at our situations but to have the courage and curiosity to change it. We are meant for so much more.

But we have to take that first step in the unknown direction to start.

Reboot Challenge this week? Don't waste your Time. Soar and be absolutely fabulous at it!

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