Thursday, January 17, 2013

Gun Control is the least of the problems, Mr. President.

In March, 2012 I wrote a post titled, Are You Hungry? Pink Slime, Anyone? ( thinking that must be some of the worst we would hear about the food we buy everyday.

Little did I know, there would be even more fun to come!

Our neighbors across the pond in the UK have found they've been eating horsemeat (horsemeat!) in their burgers.  Of course, no one knows how this happened or for how long it's been happening.  No one is going to 'fess up to that one, I'm sure.  It's amazing that they even tested samples to determine this is a problem.  But God bless whoever ok'ed the report!

We can only WISH our FDA or any other government agency would step up and take notice of the additives in our food, in the food we eat and feed our children.  Could politicians be so blind to greed that they eat the lies along with the food?  Or could they be ingesting 'better' food, knowing the truth?  It makes one wonder.

Yes, yes, yes.  Every country has it's picadilloes. 

In some Asian countries, reptiles, bugs, bats and birdnests are eaten.  There are tribes of Africa that drink animal blood for nourishment.  I saw a French restaurant on T.V. specializing in catching field mice to prepare, as a gourmet meal, not to mention the snails (sorry, escargot.).  We all know of Latin and European cultures that eat blood sausage, haggis, and bloodcakes.  Foods in the UK include kidneys (and spotted dick, which I am immature enough to still laugh at!). If the UK wanted horsemeat, that would be another story, but they were never consulted.

No one has the right to say what should or should not, can or cannot be eaten, as part of a continuing culture.  In the US, we eat EVERYTHING.  If it slows down enough to catch it, we eat it.  There are parts of the US where the hunting is good and alligator, squirrel, oppossum, and rabbit, etc. are considered part of a regular diet.  Drop by the Soul Food Culture and you'll find every part of a pig, from snout to tail, being prepared. 

What we eat determines, mostly, from where we originated, and vice-verse. What was available was what families provided and it's been the best we could.  However, food origin has gotten away from us.  Quick!  Name the top 4 providers of chicken in the US.  Didn't think so. WattAgNet is a busy little beaver with its hands in the world's population of poultry, eggs, pigs, AND feed.  (

We have the right to know where our food originated.  We have the right to know what is 'in' our food, what it's been sprayed with, grown with, and mixed with as evolved humans with choices.  If we only knew half of what was in processed food, really, we'd all be card-carrying, commune-living vegan hippies. 

Still, we are in denial.  We still give our children milk laced with only God knows what.  We drink and give the kids citrus drinks with BVO (Brominated Vegetable Oil once used as a flame retardant!) to 'restore' electrolytes from the marathons we run daily. We still eat at the local restaurant or fast-food chain with food-amnesia that allows us to eat whatever they put in front of us. We continue to eat ourselves, literally, to death, rather than for life and function. 

In my former profession, I'd watch as the elderly went from strength to a little strong, to weak, to no-speech, to failing to eat, to dying.  We begin life by eating, learning to talk, gaining strength to crawl and walk, to strong adults.  It was a reversal of the beginning of living.  And what was the last pleasure most people had?  Eating. 

Once that was gone, they went away, too. 

So, do we eat to live or for enjoyment?  If it's for enjoyment, we need other hobbies, People.  Don't get me wrong, I love to cook. I love to feed others. I get joy from sharing meals with loved ones.  However, if you come to my house, it will not only taste good, but it will be as good for you as possible.  I won't let you leave drunk and I won't let you leave with some unknown pesticide, fake-food, or GMO in your system from something I made for you.

We need to take just a little closer looks at what we purchase.  That is our weapon, in this case, our money.  We need to educate ourselves of what we need to live and feel well.  We need to make sure our poorer communities have (cheaper) versions of Whole Foods or somewhere with fresh whole food to feed the children.  Don't leave them behind.  Don't make that separation line so thick of sick on one side and bright, rich and healthy on the other.

Question?  Have you noticed the size of our children, lately?  I don't mean in fat/wideness.  I mean in height, in puberty starting earlier and earlier, and in growth, in general.  That's not just evolution.  That's partly hormones given to those yummy fried chicken nuggets they've been fed that was medicated to make bigger breasts and bigger chickens to sell.  They get so heavy they can't stand on their own legs (the chickens, not the kids, thank God!).  "Farmers are paid based on how efficiently they use the feed to deliver fattened birds at slaughter." (

Viruses are becoming harder to fight.  Why?  We ingest the animal that had antibiotics from birth to table.  They give them antibiotics because of the living conditions being so deplorable the animals get ill without them and die.  Some develop cancers anyway, but they just cut that part off and continue with the slaughter.

Not to make anyone paranoid, but we need to look at EVERYthing that goes into our mouths-twice, ask questions, and double-check the truth.  If we were to believe everything we saw on television, the ad with a cute little girl lying on a pig, the beautiful fields of corn on a sunny day, and happy healthy families, that would sway us to believe nothing is wrong.  However, the commercials are paid for by the very companies that are poisoning us.  No, that's not too strong of a word to use here.  Poisoning.

And we are debating gun control right now.  I think that's a joke.  And it's a bad one.

What the ads aren't showing are the chicken farms, the slaughterhouses, Monsanto lawyers in court suing farmers for using their own seeds, and the numbers of ill people that ate the produce and the slow deaths that can result.  They neglect to mention the funds sent overseas to the Caymans to be safe (Switzerland is Old-School). We have to let them know we are not as stupid or lazy or lackadaisical as they believe us to be.

Europe is on top of this.  Bravo!  Again, why doesn't our government care half as much about us?

I smell money and lots of it.  And I feel ill.

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