Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Lust and Appreciation

There is a difference, you know?

As I ponder my recently growing fascination with Korean films, (OK, specifically with Jang Hyuk. Google him!), I had to face up to which I've been feeling....lust or appreciation? Hmm?

I can admit he does remind me of one of my first young crushes, Bruce Lee.

My husband knows all about my viewing of almost every movie or television drama or reality show in which Jang Hyuk has appeared. Hubby's not worried. Should I be insulted?

Nah! He knows he has my heart. He knows I'm faithful. He knows I'm in this marriage for eternity. Mostly, he knows I have no chance of ever meeting this person IN person. No worries.

"Hyukkie" (as he's known by adoring fans) is Korean. He is a major star there. Let's say, like Brad Pitt to Americans.

It's been interesting to note his older work compared to his more current acting and see the growth, the maturity, and the improvement. There are a lot of women, myself included, who look at his body and think, "nice". Alright, it's more than nice. He's got the chiseled features, physical attributes, and fine acting skills. He's the whole package. That is something to be appreciated. (Or as we used to say in Chicago, he's all that AND a bag of chips AND a Coke and Snickers!)

In reality shows and interviews found, I see he's also a really nice man. Apparently, he is an intelligent warm person who loves being a family with his wife and children. He is responsible and kind to others treating everyone well. He, also, has a sense of humor about himself, which is always a good thing. He's calm and humble about his skills and treats everyone with respect. He's nearing 40 years old now but acts with women half his age. He's nearing 40 and can beat anyone half his age in physical contests due to his Jeet Kune Do training. He's nearing 40 and is in better condition than many half his age. The man can do push-ups on ONE THUMB for Heaven's sake! He is taking good care of himself.

The King of "Side-Eye"

That being said, it's easy to see why many follow his moves so closely. I will only say that his films and dramas have been worth the watch and I encourage others to do so. (Recommendation? Deep-rooted Tree, The Slave Hunters, The Client, Tazza, Iris 2, Thank You, Robber, The Flu, Fated to Love You....I could go on. A few of these are on Netflix or Amazon.)

We should all remember that in each film, in each photo, on each website, in each club, on each walk down the street, we will always see someone that is attractive in a way that we can either lust after or appreciate. Are we mature enough in our journey to know the difference and to, consciously and often with great difficulty, choose one or the other?

We are human and we are weak. So, we may not make the cut on one day. We have the freedom to think either way and need the strength to choose the right path. Is it enough to think, "This is someone's wife, husband, child, sister, or brother" to make the 'shift' in thought? How about, "This is MY brother or sister in this World"? Use whatever it takes. But use it. For your own sake.

If the line is ever crossed when I start to feel anything other than appreciation, I'll return to Confession and ask God's forgiveness for coveting, as well. Right now, I pray for him and his family, for him to become a Saint (that'll knock the Lust right outta ya!), and for myself to simply appreciate what God created like a landscape or sunset. We all deserve that type of appreciation.

Reboot Challenge? Ask yourself looking at pictures or people, which are you experiencing today? Honestly.

Reboot Challenge #2? Think of how would that person feel if they knew with which eyes you were viewing them. Creeped out or flattered?

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