Friday, June 28, 2013


Everyone's been there who owns an electronic gadget of some sort. 

Why does everything need repair or reconfiguration, or whatever, all at the same time?

Part of my Reboot is simplfying life, as you may have read elsewhere here.

Farewell, iAnything!

I don't have the patience or the ambition to work with applications and toys that I'm not going to use steadily or need in my life to improve it.  Therefore, I have a simple inexpensive cell phone that texts and calls.  I own a camera.  I have maps. I don't need my phone to speak to me and call me Sexy because I have other people around to do that. Kidding. I don't need to be alerted to do or not do something by a machine.  I have a watch and a slightly malfunctioning but mostly stable brain. I have a stereo so I can share the music with others and enjoy 'it at the same time and not through waxy 'buds'.

I get that people are actually getting good use out of some of the products.  What I don't get is how we are being conditioned to believe that we need them.

Sitting in a waiting room recently, I looked around, as I do.  Never made eye contact.  Do you know why?  Because out of the 5 people there, including me, 4 were mesmerized by their cellphones.  Important health information was being played on the television and not one looked up. 

I was elated when a man came in with a bag and actually pulled out a book to read!  I wanted to hug him!  I didn't.  I like to think I could have.

I once saw a woman, brushing her hair, looking in the mirror, talking on her cellphone (at her ear), and DRIVING.  She belongs in a Circus if she can accomplish that and not run her car up a telephone pole!

I was speaking to a child the other day about the need for security.  He was holding a pillow.  I assured him it was alright to have that to make him feel secure.  I told him about security blankets which led to what I'm seeing now. I see insecure adult hands that NEVER release their phones, not for a nanosecond.  I've seen them in public restrooms!  What call, text, game, or 'memo' is that important? (I mean, besides Candy Crush.)  They are among the group I, respectfully, refer to as ATMS (There's a double meaning to this!).  They are Afraid They'll Miss Something. The irony is they are missing out on the world around them while they stare at a screen.  It's drawing them in and shutting the world out, and saying at the same time, that it's connecting them to the world.


What a waste of our limited time on Earth and money!

Back to my own frustrations with modern technology engineered to make me want to cry...I have a new printer!

The old one, apparently, had a shelf-life.  Who knew? It copies, it faxes, it scans, it prints, it slices, it dices, it breaks up with your boyfriend for you, it attaches to the web and prints app pages for you on a schedule, if you like!  I don't like.  I don't like at all.  In fact, I hate it and I hardly ever use that word.

I want a phone that takes and makes calls.  I want a car to get me from Point A to B.  I want food that I don't have to consult a dictionary to know what's in it.  I want a PRINTER THAT PRINTS! 

And World Peace. (blink-blink)

So far, that's been the only problem.  I figured out the copying, even double-sided.  I know how to replace the ink cartridges, add paper, but this puppy won't print for anything.  Upset?  You bet I am.  For days I've been praying for patience and been tested more than I have in a long while.

Final results?  Verizon says I need a new router.  It's 'skipping'. I'm glad one of us is having fun. I wish I was skipping off some of this tension. 

So, don't look to me for the latest and greatest toy developed by an engineer who is working on the next latest greatest to sell me by Christmas.  I'm already Sprint's biggest nightmare.  I'm a woman without extreme needs or made-up desires on a Reboot.


Reboot Challenge? Unplug for a few hours or even a whole day, and enjoy the peace and quiet.


I am one who will own my errors.  Today, we were lost having forgotten town map and without GPS. That just means I must remember to replace maps in our vehicles.

You still won't make me yours, Sprint! Bwaaahhahahahahahaha!

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