Sunday, June 16, 2013

Youth Is No Longer Wasted On the Young

Shockingly, I find myself on the 'skin-side' of a half of a century in chronological years, about 90 in physical years, but I feel so much younger in my heart and soul and spirit.  I feel like there are so many things left for me to do!  I want to jump out there and engage in opportunities to help, to aid, to CHANGE the World.

Those opportunities are presenting themselves everywhere, as I write.  And, young people are stepping up. God bless them!!

The beautiful part is that I believe they are able to accomplish goals in peaceful ways that older generations still haven't gotten a grip on or know how to approach in any other way than the OLD way.  The older generations are still saying, throw some money at it and fix it.  Shoot it.  Kill it. Put the fire out no matter who you have to hurt. They say, I just want mine and I care little for anyone else's needs.  They don't know how to react to peace. (What the heck is that? It makes me uncomfortable and nervous....Quick! kill it!)

The young are seeing this.  The young are more charitable and kinder than older people give them credit for being. They have loving hearts and will show that if you give them a chance. They want to help their fellow man. I'm sensing they are beginning to see the BIG picture, as my cousin says.  They know there's something wrong.  They know there is something missing from their lives.  They are just sometimes wrong about what that 'something' is that's missing.  It's not about money, or what money can buy, or how many friends you have on Facebook.  It's a longing for something not of this world. They have to remember this to stay focused.

Some societies are fighting now for what they think is freedom...and it may be...from fascist or dictatorial rule.  Good for them and I pray for their success.  But what usually happens in our world in trying to obtain that kind of freedom is it can lead to confusion, pain, sadness, losses, frustration, and despair.  The young are still willing, today, to take it on with courage even if it is without a plan.  Patience, Darlings, patience.

There are the up-close problems that affect loved ones like illnesses, accidents, and violence, as with Cipriana of whose boyfriend was brutally attacked by many cowardly men while walking with his twin brother in New York.  Please take time to watch this if you haven't seen it already.  Her frustration and pain is palpable: 

And please sign their petition to bring some type of justice to these types of situations which pass by as if it didn't happen many times.  Here is the link with the full story: 

Meanwhile on larger scales, young people are not being heard by their governments and are being lied to and constantly having their intelligence insulted, and Human Rights violated.  The new reports are of more problems here in the U.S., in Turkey, and now, in Brazil. Because they want to talk, they are hurt.  In many other countries, because they want to eat they are hurt.  Why is that always the result of opening your mouth? 

I pray for their safety as they avoid weapons but take up their crosses...and they are doing just that, in order to be heard.  That is all anyone really wants is to have their needs acknowledged, followed by a sincere discussion, with those in charge, to work out Peace and compromise. Do you understand that, Mr. Erdogan?

Coincidentally? Pope Francis' General Intention in prayer this week is,

"That a culture of dialogue, listening, and mutual respect may prevail among peoples."

The Youth of today have the energy, the heart, the brains, and the drive to effect positive changes given the opportunity.  Time to pass on the torch and remove this Culture of Death.  If they have any chance of success, it will be with Angels guiding them, leading them to it, if it is for the GOOD.  I have to state, though, if it's more of a push for Secular Humanism, none of us have a chance. I believe that's the wrong track. Many, unfortunately, don't understand what 'good' really means and from where it originates.

That is my belief that stems from my Faith as a Christian.  Keep in mind, there have been times when all the major religions lived peacefully among each other.  Will we ever see that? I wonder and I pray that God's Will is done, which is nothing less than Good and Peace and Love. For the sake of upcoming generations.

I leave you with a prayer we should recite daily, however, we worship:

"For the poor, the sick, the lonely, the hungry, the homeless, those who are unemployed, those suffering from addictions, and those who have no one to pray for them:  that God in His mercy will draw close to them and rescue them." (

Bless all the Dad's today on Father's Day, living, and those who watch over and pray for us from above.

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