Friday, June 7, 2013

What Is Love?

I recently saw a Facebook post from my cousin, Belinda.  I know this happened to her because I've witnessed the beautiful loving relationship she has with her husband.  She says, " Love is humming a song and he finishes it". 

I read that a lady allowed an elderly lady to step in front of her in a grocery line, a loving action. That 84-year old lady, of course, purchased the winning lottery ticket that the younger one would have if she hadn't let her go first, but...Oh, well! The encouraging part is that she says she has no regrets.  That is love.

Another expression was a recollection of a priest on last night.  Father Jeffrey Kirby, STL, @FatherKirby and (, stated that his clearest memory as a child was being picked up after school with his sister by his mother.  He sat in the car wondering which girl was going to be his girlfriend as most 4th graders tend to do.  The thought then came that if all of them were, then he could love them all.  How sweet is that! This was the beginning of his vocation as a priest, believe it or not. What they do as shepherds is love everyone. And watch it.  I take my religion very seriously and won't tolerate horrible responses about priests.  They are human and susceptible to sin like everyone else. But the ones that are able to resist temptation, and there are more, are truly good priests, and full of love for all.  Even those who attack the Church.

Policemen get a bad reputation for what they do and how they do their job.  But on the side of the cars I grew up looking at, the slogan read "To protect and serve".  I may get a lot of flack for this but I believe most of them are simply trying to do just that.  My dearest cousin, James, and a lovely woman, Dana are with Police Departments.  One is out there in one of the worst city these days, Chicago, trying 'to protect and serve'. Knowing they are out there and praying everyday for them and all earthly protectors, I know they do it out of love.  Whether, James will acknowledge it is another story.  It's gotta be tough in that field.  If anyone wants to talk about them, they have to deal with ME.

Another relative, my nephew, James Dean, a Fireman/EMT, is sent out on the spur of the moment to save drowning children, stroke, heart attack or accident victims, victims of violent crimes, or to extinguish fires consuming family homes, apartments, or businesses.  He is among the bravest and the most caring of vocations. (And, really, have you ever seen an 'ugly' fireman.  They are all so tall and strong and good-looking! All the ladies notice it. It must be a job requirement or....Oh, where was I?) Yes. There is something there that makes them go out and put themselves, like policemen, in direct danger, in order to save someone.  Each time they have a call, it could be real or it could be a set-up by some crazy person or gang.  I think of these things.  In fact, years ago, Father Remo DiSalvatore, a former priest of our parish with dear Father Martin Schratz, (now in the Bronx at Immaculate Conception) once stopped in the middle of a Mass when he heard a siren outside.  He had us all pray a 'Hail Mary'. I've been doing this ever since whenever I hear a siren.  I stop whatever I'm doing or saying and pray for the victims and for those going to help.  God bless them. And, as for the priests, again, here's a story of how they truly love in Jesus' name and helped a 5-year old cancer victim. I love Capuchin Franciscans with a special part although as I love all God's servants who give their lives for God and us.

Nurses give their time, yes, for pay, but you know the ones who truly care about what they do. They are patient, attentive, kind, friendly, and yes, loving, toward their patients. You can feel it from them at your weakest, when you are ill. They are angels that visibly walk the Earth and show love. They are among the few on the planet who want to see you well and help you get there.

My daughter travelled from Istanbul to the U.S for a week, just to see me as I had knee surgery and to care for me while she was here.  That's love. I've been seen at my worst by my husband. He's seen me with a swollen red bumpy frog face from Shingles and guided me with double vision and other weirdness from the MS, but has always been more concerned about my level of pain or discomfort and cares for me like no other nurse could. And I love nurses as you can probably tell! Still his level of love is one that I can compare with no other one but God's. It's unconditional and I thank God for that and for every caregiver.  It takes a lot of love to be a caregiver, to sacrifice, especially to love someone and see them suffer with very little you can do to make pain go away.  You can't get a better view of the joys and pains than from seeing this woman's book.

You see, love comes in so many forms in life.  It's more than loving your immediate family or family pet.  It's important to me to show love to everyone I meet and see in the World.  I hope it shows.  It's Christ in me and in others, if you look.  And He IS Love. 

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  1. Who knew James would acknowledge? HAHA! Please share in how proud we are of him!

    "The Brother of Ms. Sucarichi, Tracy Edmondson, once wrote my mother a letter which dates back to roughly 1977. In the letter he states that while baby sitting his 6 year old cousin, during a Violent scene on a show called Police Story, i stated that "i wanna to be a Cop when I grow up".This letter is a must read and is Absolutely hilarious seeing that I am as of today's date a 15yr Veteran of the Chicago Police Department.
    So the love for the career which I have Chosen, dates back 36 years. Did I just tell my age?

    I've been called then "N" so many times that one time at the end of my tour, i had to check my Drivers license to see if my name was Kunta Kinte. (Cop humor) I've seen Numerous dead bodies. I've sat in a room for hours with a murder victims who are barely Recognizable. I've carried dead bodies down project stairs while people Chanted "fuck the police". I've been shot at, spit on,kicked, death threats,like us all.The list goes on and on and on.
    I've been asked Why would you put your life on the line for total strangers?
    My reply has always been the exact same "Because I LOVE helping people".

    So yes.LOVE does come in many forms in life and I thank GOD that i can live out my childhood dream "TO SERVE AND PROTECT"
    In one of the best cities in the world.

    To my cousin Tracy,may you forever R.I.P. I miss you man and thanks for the letter. I'm making a copy and framing it in my locker today.
    Donelle,I love you cuz. Thanks for reminding me of how truly blessed I am. I needed this."

    Love you, too.


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