Thursday, September 18, 2014

It's Not the End but What is It?

There's a darkness settling in.

No matter how bright the sunrise or how beautiful the sunset, people are becoming more and more mean to one another. This is my recent observation and not inclusive of areas of the world where humans are behaving well toward one another, if there are any.

Is anyone else getting to the point when they feel they don't want to read anything on websites, especially comments, watch the news on television, or read a rare newspaper?

It's enough to make you question if you really heard or read what you just did? It isn't that the world has always been perfect until now. It isn't that it's just become bad in the last few months or years. I think I'm just noticing it with new eyes these days. Everyone has a 'chip' on their shoulder. Everyone seems to want to have someone 'lesser' than them in order to feel better about their lives. They aren't afraid to show it, either. Mostly, they show it from behind the anonymity of a keyboard on the Internet. Here in the States, they show it outright, upfront, and smack in the face of justice, fairness, kindness, and consideration of humanity. Oh, yeah. It's the same almost everywhere, now.

Tonight, I read the following comments about a college football player's television interview. First question is, how many people who are not professional speakers could get in front of cameras and, not nervously, express themselves at their best? Second, he has no more of an 'accent' than many of the Southern U.S. citizens do. Finally, this is a young man that is apologizing for poor behavior, not criminal, just poor judgment for which he is being appropriately punished by his university. Why the 'cruel' behavior? Why the direct insult of him AND every student entering college on a scholarship....on an athletic scholarship?

The comments were as follows:

Tom G X How is winston passing his classes lol

D.j. XXX
Troy XXXX What an illiterate ass hole he can barely speak English lol

D.j. XXX unfortunately thats 75% of college and NFL the only way these guys get into college is bc of their athletic ability not reading ability smh

Tom G XXX But only 1% of college quarterbacks 1% off the top 100 teams that is.
(This statement is incomprehensible without punctuation or context.)

Samantha XXX I couldn't help but yell at the tv while watching this....absolute idiot! Lol

Now, I'm not the designated Facebook Grammar Police and not taking on the role, permanently. But, if you look at the postings, which I included exactly as written, there seems to be a problem with grammar, punctuation, and writing skills that a child could point out.

As a line on Friends went, "Hello, Kettle, this is Pot. You're black.".

Another would be known as throwing rocks in your glass house.

Another would be pointing out the splinter in someone's eye while ignoring the plank in your own.

Another would be every time you point a finger at someone, three more are pointing right back at you.

I joke. I have a sense of humor. I'm guilty of having a sarcastic nature (which I'm working on!). I'm no angel. I do feel anger at insults and criticisms aimed at those who are not there to defend themselves. It is mean, harmful and shameful.

People don't like to discuss shame, though. We want to keep it inside and locked up. We ignore it like it doesn't exist but it's there and will pop-up when we least expect it.We all have experienced it and it's uncomfortable. It's very uncomfortable. Acknowledging our wrongs feels bad. It can feel worse than the shame, itself. However, it is a sign of growth and maturity to admit to it and to ask forgiveness. It's something to strive for, not ignore. It's what we need to teach our children. It makes us stronger, kinder people. It makes us see what we need from ourselves AND others. Forgiveness. And that brings Peace.

While we are all living on this planet, with technology that allows us to do and say whatever we want without regard to feelings of others, without accuracy or politeness, surely, we can be honest about who and what we are and what we think. Every thought that comes into our heads does not have to be put on the Internet. It doesn't have to be yelled in traffic. It doesn't have to be on our face to the person who 'looks' different or is dressed differently than we are. If it's unkind, then as it's said, keep it to yourself. I would say no one's interested but, apparently, that's not true as evidenced by the added comments above and in every Yahoo News story that comes out daily.

We may not all believe the same, live the same, or have the same experiences, but we can respect one another, still. Can't we?


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