Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Let Your Light Shine

That's a REALLY old song and I'm showing my age, now. I chose the title and then realized it.

It's said not to hide your light under a bushel. That means not to be shy about letting others see your Light. It doesn't mean you have to be the flashlight in someone's eye or the brightest bulb in the room. That's just irritating.

There's is a light within us, though, that makes us able to recognize pain in others, to hope for better, to be kind, to love. That's the light I want. That light is reflected onto others and not lost in the giver. We are stumbling around this planet until we leave it but let us all acknowledge, daily, that we are not alone in our stumbles. Some may fall, our light leads them to safety, to food, to shelter, to forgiveness, to friends, or to a new friend. We need each other.

Light travels in Space until it is absorbed, reflected, or bounces off again into darkness in search of a 'home' to settle in. Light is what makes grass green, the sky blue, polar bears white, and the human race able to live. That's the Sun.

That light within us is like the Sun.

Have you ever seen a person and in their eyes, the light is dimming? I have.

They become eyes like a shark's, dark with no hint of light. One can actually see it, not because that person is dying but because the light is not being stoked like a fire. You have to keep it going or it goes out. It just goes dark, eventually. The World, bad experiences, abuse, injury, evil, or neglect can extinguish it unless another offers them a light. Like a candle, you offer a flame to theirs, and they offer their flame to another, and so on and so on. That's how we keep the Light of the World going!

Showing that kind of light offers Hope where it's fading. It offers hope to the homeless because you cared enough to show your light. It offers a way out to the addicted, as they see there is another way to live. It offers a beacon on a good path for children and teenagers to follow as they mature into adults.

We often want to just be left alone but is that really what we want? When we know we are on this rock together, we should want to do something while we are here. If we don't, maybe it is because our own light is dimming and we haven't realized it yet.

I often encourage others to reach out through these posts. If nothing else is ever written or read, I would like this one to be the one that reaches the most people.

How can you harm or ignore one who is reflecting the same light as you are? How can you try to blow theirs out with an insult or a gun? How can you let money or hurt feelings do it? Fiercely protect your own AND theirs while you have breath within you. It's just the right thing to do whatever color, race, nationality, or religion you's just the right thing to do.

Reboot Challenge? Be a match to someone's candle.

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