Friday, April 10, 2015

The Life of an "It" Girl

Yes. I've been keeping the information to myself. I'm an "IT" Girl. No, not an Internet Tech!

In the fashion world and media, there are those women who grace the covers of magazines for a while because of their style, their beauty, dressed in stunning outfits because they have "It". I'm one of those.

In MY mind.

I'm no Twiggy (reaching back far here!) or Hilton (There! More contemporary reference?) but I believe I could hold my own against any of them. Do you know why?

I can hold my own because I'm real and I'm me and I'm O.K. with that.

There is nothing wrong with aspiring to be better, to do better, to look better. I believe there are women taking it a bit further than it needs to in the beauty and cosmetics realm. It's a HUGE business selling prettily-packaged chemicals to women with the promise to make them flawless. I don't buy into the lie and don't want my fellow female (and some male) humans to, either.

We can be It AND a bag of chips by developing a personality that shines, by having our own individual style (expensive or not is up to your budget!), and in how we relate to others.

We've all met that gorgeous woman in the outstanding outfit that we envied for a bit...until we saw a glimpse of her personality and, suddenly, she didn't seem so attractive. Without a personality that anyone wants to be near, the makeup comes off and with what are you left? A bare-face you don't want anyone to see. That thought that a woman is out there afraid to show her real face, the one she was gifted with at birth, makes me sad.

Clothes make the man. To a degree, it does. Who will ignore a well-groomed man in well-tailored clothes? That's why women love a man in a uniform! But they have it so much easier than women!

Women are given a plethora of choices of what to wear and many are wearing items that just aren't suited to them. We have all seen the too tight, too short, too long, too big, poor color choice, too dressy, too shiny for the occasion, and if we haven't, maybe it was us. Yikes.

If we are to have It, we have to recognize and appreciate our own body types and not try to dress like the It on the mag cover. If you have to keep tugging at it, adjusting it, watching how you sit, pin it, or hike it up, it's either not for you or you need a good tailor. In the real world, the quality and price of most clothing makes it easier to throw away than to tailor it to suit your shape. So, starting off buying the right well-made piece is better on the ole budget. It'll last longer.

None of this matters, though, if we don't know how to relate to others on a personal level. We should aspire to be able to make eye-contact with everyone from the poorest to the richest person. If we can't hold an intelligent conversation, show compassion, form a thought in our heads that doesn't include a Kardashian, we are no better than a mannequin. We are roaming through Life trying to be flawless, delay aging, comparing ourselves with others, and truly unhappy at the results. But it's alright because we can get up in the morning and literally, put on a happy face, with the right products and techniques! We can be an artificial It Girl for as long as we believe others are believing it.

The bottom line is if we are not working on a different definition of the real It for ourselves, individually, what will we have to show for our time on the planet? Perhaps, we can begin to think of it as building ourselves from the inside out and being proud to show our real selves to the world whether they like it or not. No lies. No tricks. No mirrors. This is Me.

Reboot Challenge? Let's change the definition! Show the real you to become an It Girl, too! Make all of our little girls It Girls! Let them know that the It Girls on the magazine covers...have a shelf-life.


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