Monday, April 6, 2015

Never Lose Your Enthusiasm for Life

The "E" word I was going to use included 'egg' but I discussed that in concubines cracking their heads against walls like eggs. Let's try for something more, uh, positive and less weird.

Wouldn't this be a dull World if no one showed enthusiasm for anything?

I'm awake this morning. I woke up above ground, as the Old Folks say. I should feel enthusiasm about what this day may bring.

So, why don't I?

Enthusiasm is so very easily killed by a small action like a phone call to a personal criticism to reading or hearing of tragedies in the news. It can be slowed by a personal argument. It can be stalled by a medical or emotional health issue or medication. It can be brought to a complete halt by a person or persons that desire to kill it in you for their own amusement. After all, Misery loves company.

I've had that experience of working around the negative who don't care about what they do and it's contagious!

How do we prevent that wonderful enthusiasm we had as a child from becoming the stale feeling we have as adults?

As a child, watching an ant was fun. Playing with a large cardboard box brought enthusiastic delight in what to 'make' it become for us. Drawing was fun! We danced with enthusiasm if not talent! Discovering that we needed to learn a task brought enthusiasm to learning that task. It did to the point we would say, "NO! Me!" or "Let me do it!". We wanted to do it and do it right. This same work we put into an action then, is slowing or has stopped. Why?

What happened to us? When did we allow the World and those in it to stomp the enthusiasm out of us and Why? Did we weaken? I don't think so. I think we just weren't paying attention.

We have settled for watching others have fun and work towards their goals. We prefer to watch celebrities 'act' enthusiastically on television, instead of going outside and doing our own thing. We had our lives taken from us slowly and deliberately by increasing technology to the point we don't get excited when the phone rings and are annoyed by texts. We don't want to interact and we rarely have hobbies. We used to have HOBBIES. We used to play. Now, we just trudge and work and want to sit and rest. There is not a thing wrong with rest. We need to rest. But we, also, need balance. Too much of work OR rest OR play leads to an unbalanced life.

What do you show enthusiasm for in your life? When you work, do you do it with enthusiasm? You should want to do your best, not to mention, you are also being paid to do it. If you mop floors for a living, those should be the cleanest shiniest floors in town. In caring for yourself, be enthusiastic because your body and mind are the only ones you get. Is there enthusiasm in your play? Do what you do with fervor and enjoy it that much more! Me? I get enthusiastic about naps. I'm only half-kidding.

Think of the last time you felt actual enthusiasm in your daily life? I say daily life, because it's easy to feel enthusiastic on vacation or holiday.

Challenge? Reboot your Enthusiasm for life whether it involves a person, place, or thing. If it's only being enthusiastic those first few minutes of the day, try to maintain it throughout the day. I wish everyone well in their efforts.



  1. I have to admit that it can be hard to feel enthusiastic about things, especially with the mundane of living, getting up, going to work, cleaning house, etc. I need to do better with it and find that wonder like a child has with life.


    1. There you go! Life isn't a dress rehearsal! Enjoy it! ;-)


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