Saturday, April 18, 2015

Personal Plans for the Day! Hahaha!

How do I begin this one?

This will be more of a journal entry involving my plans for the day. After you read it, you'll be thanking God you aren't me!

Wakey-wakey! Violin lesson in an hour!

Went right for the violin and began warming up and practicing the latest little diddy I (I say!) should know by now and personally, getting sick of hearing it! My instructor is a lovely young lady who turned 18 this year and invited me to her last concert of the year at her High School. Last one???! What? That means she'll be graduating soon and off to college, in this State but still too far for our lessons! I got teary-eyed. I really did.

I began to think of my own daughter entering college so far away and how I felt at the time and couldn't help myself. But, our lesson went well, got some tips, and sent her on her way.

Plan #2 was to pick up my god-daughter, Maysa, who is 8 years old now. I was going to take her to an Ecology Festival in the park. PHONE CALL. Mom needs her meds from the pharmacy and needs to go to the store. OK. I'll pick up Maysa and be right there!

Plan #2=Fail.

Met Maysa and her Dad at the meeting place at her mom's office and noted that she had a fever. He says she'd just vomited in the car. Sorry, Maysa. Something's brewing in you. Time for you to go home, drink fluids, have soup, and stay in bed for the weekend to make school on Monday! We were both SO disappointed.

Off to Plan #3. Get Mom and head to Pharmacy. We are chatting and I admit I wasn't paying attention to what I was doing. We shop in the store with me picking up a Birthday card for my little brother, chatting with folks ('cuz that's what I do!), hitting the sale shelves, and $32 later, I check out and head for the exit but not before realizing I didn't have my car key!

I send Mom back into the store to sit and wait and be cool while I get a locksmith to come out. If you've ever dealt with an impatient 72 year old woman, you understand why I sent her back inside. I tried 3 locksmiths and the third was the charm!

Joy, Joy! He made it there quickly. Ed didn't seem very sure of what he was doing with my car but eventually, he opened the passenger side door. Hurray! Here's your $65!

Plan #3=Fail.

Ed can't get his tool out of my window! Sigh. He worked and worked at it but it was caught somewhere in the door. It's getting hotter and I'm getting fatigued, by now. Ed says, I'll just come to your house later and work on getting it out. He'd mentioned taking the door panel off. Uh, I don't think so.

I drive Mom home, with Ed's tool stuck in the window, take her things upstairs to her apartment and head home.

Pulling into my driveway, with Ed's tool stuck in the window, he calls.

"I'm short on time. I'll have to come out tomorrow afternoon and work on it."
"Sure. Late afternoon is fine." Meanwhile, I'm thinking. I've done this before with previous vehicles and I have no intention of letting him take my car apart for his tool.

I patiently worked at it, window up, window down, twist, pull, slide, jiggle. It's OUT!

"Ed. Your tool is sitting on the top of the car in the driveway. Get it when you want."
"I should hire YOU!"

Whatever. So long time with god-daughter! So long Festival! So long everything else planned for this day!

However, Plan 4=SUCCESS!

I'm in my air-conditioned home. I can't walk, I'm hot, I'm exhausted, I'm itching due to something going awry with my autoimmune system this week. I'm taking a Benadryl and I'm going back to bed to wait for Sunday.

It's said, if you want to make God laugh, tell Him your plans. I hope He had a good belly laugh over this day!

Goodnight and see you again on Monday! Ta-Ta!

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